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If you are the owner of a public charge point or have come across a public charge point that is not on Zap-Map, you can add new charge points to the Zap-Map database by entering the necessary details into the form below.
To add a public charge point, please complete as many fields as possible and any information you feel would be useful to other EV drivers in the additional information section below. 
All data will be reviewed by our data manager before being put on the database, so there may be a short delay before you see the point on the map.
If you have several points that you would like to bulk upload or provide via an automated feed please email us on

Click here to add home or workplace charge points, or suggest a location for a public charge point

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Location Type (optional)

Enter connector details for first device.

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Enter connector details for second device.

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Any additional devices at location

Network Details

If the network does not appear in the list, please select "Other" and specify in the additional information box
at the bottom.

Owner Details

If different from the network.

Contact name

Contact number

Location website

Access details

Physical Restrictions (if any)

Access Restrictions (if any)

Time Restrictions (if any)

Access Costs (if any)


Additional Information (if any)

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Please note that by providing Zap-Map with this information you are confirming that you have originated this data and you give us permission to add this information to the Zap-Map database to use and distribute without restriction across our systems.
See Terms and conditions for full details.

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