Add Zap-Map to your site

One of the key barriers to EV uptake is the concern that there are not enough public charging points. To address this, the desktop version of Zap-Map is available to integrate into third party websites so that potential EV drivers can quickly see the extent of the charging infrastructure in their geographical area and across the UK.

A desktop version of Zap-Map, including the all public charge points and key features: Zap-Map lite can be integrated into your site. There are customisation options available which allow you to add additional features and to create a more bespoke map.

Zap-Map Lite

This map shows all the public chargers and offers key functionality for users to research EV charging:

* Search for charge points
* View details of each charge point – location, connectors, network, price, restrictions
* Filter by connector type and network
* Nearby charger listing
* See user comments

The map can also be set-up to centre on a specific location and zoom level.

Customisation options:
– Additional filters
– Route planning
– Community chat capability
– Preset filters
– Data exclusions

Standard Zap-Map Lite – £2,500
Set-up cost – £1,500 + VAT
Customisations from £500 per element

There are some discounts available for small organisations or local authorities:
Category A (Small commercial organisations) – £600 + VAT per year
Category B (Local authorities and non-profit) – £300 + VAT per year

Zap-Map lite can be requested via our simple online form and is subject to standard terms and conditions

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