In-car support: Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

zap-map premium: in-car support with apple carplay and android auto

If you often charge your car on the public network, it’s worth exploring how you can use Zap-Map as part of your in-car dashboard – via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Although the public charging network is growing steadily, we know it can be hard to find suitable chargers while driving.

In light of this, we’ve designed Zap-Map Premium, an enhanced version of the app for drivers like you who regularly use the public charging network, to save you time while you’re out and about.

On top of Zap-Map’s core services, Premium offers enhanced features and filters, and incorporates the Zap-Map app into your in-car dashboard through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. This means you can access Zap-Map in your car, see live charge point data, access your route plans, and link to navigation apps for turn-by-turn directions.

We’d like to point out that Zap-Map’s core services – which allow you to search, plan and pay for charging – remain free.

Get in-car support with Zap-Map Premium

  • ●  Find available chargers: by seeing live charger status on your car’s dashboard
  • ●  Plan routes: and link to navigation apps for turn-by-turn directions
  • ●  Customise your search: with extra filter options
  • ●  Enjoy in-car support: Use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

apple carplay charger and android auto in-car support

What is Apple CarPlay and how does it work?

Apple CarPlay is the in-car version of the iOS mobile device operating system. It provides a simplified version of apps like Zap-Map that support Apple CarPlay, in order to make it suitable for use whilst driving.

Once you pair your phone with the multimedia system, a connection is automatically established. The familiar iOS interface should then appear on the screen of your car.

What is Android Auto and how does it work?

Android Auto is a version of the Android mobile operating system that works in your in-car dashboard. It offers a simplified version of any app, such as Zap-Map, that supports Android Auto in order to make it suitable to use while you are driving.

After pairing your Android device with the multimedia system, you’ll establish a connection with the in-car dashboard, which will display the familiar Android interface.

Unlock the future of EV charging

To get a free trial of Zap-Map Premium, go into Settings in the Zap-Map app. Click into ‘Subscriptions’ and then ‘View subscription plans’. The free trial is available on the annual plan.

You can also compare Zap-Map features, with the differences between Zap-Map, Zap-Map Plus and Zap-Map Premium outlined side by side.

Recognition of the Zap-Map app

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British Renewable Energy Awards

Accelerating towards Net Zero

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Regen 2022 Green Energy Awards

Whole Energy System Innovation

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driving electric Awards 2022

Best Electric Car App

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Futurice Electric 25


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EntreLeague 2021


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driving electric Awards 2021

Best EV App