6th Green Vehicle Convention 2015

The 6th Green Vehicle Convention attracts over 600 participants from the Green Vehicle Industry, including 200+ OEMs from China and around the world. There will be multiple exhibitors from OEMs, core equipment and solution providers to showcase excellence and shake hands with...

Low CVP Conference (24/6/15)

The LowCVP Conference 2015 will take place on Wednesday, 24 June in Central London, sponsored by EDF Energy. This year’s event will focus on future fuels for transport and the infrastructure required to support them, particularly in the city environment. Timed to...


EVOLUTION Bristol Motor Show prides itself on being the only motor show where the visitor gets to drive! EVOLUTION showcase the latest in technology and innovation whilst striving to guide, advise and educate YOU, the motorist, on how to travel sustainably with...

GreenFleet West (5/6/15)

GreenFleet WEST is a forum for fleet, transport, sustainability and HR managers from the region to explore the viability of electric and plug-in vehicles and “experience” them first-hand. Staged in association with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), with input from...

CAPITAL GreenFleet (06/05/2015)

Taking the form of a seminar, closed-room sessions and test drives, CAPITAL GreenFleet will allow fleet managers from the London area to assess whether electric and plug-in vehicles are right for their business. After the success of the inaugural CAPITAL GreenFleet event...

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