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Ecotricity and Tesla fallout over EV charging sites

The green energy company Ecotricity has accused American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla of ‘bullying’ after it attempted to take over a number of its electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk who was appointed as an electric vehicle ‘tsar’ to...

Next Generation LEAF could have 50% further range

More mainstream styling and significantly larger battery capacity are features we should be expecting from the next generation LEAF according to Nissan executives. The Nissan LEAF has been and continues to be a flagship for successful electric vehicles. To keep up with...

UK rapid chargers on the rise

The number of UK rapid DC and AC electric vehicle chargers is now close to 400, with a total of 387 charging sockets across 240 locations. Data supplied by shows that the ratio of Slow (around 3kW), Fast (7-22kW) and Rapid...

Electric Highway charges pass 500,000 mark

According to the latest figures released by Ecotricity over half a million charges have now taken place on their Electric Highway charging network in the last 12 months. The Electric Highway is one the largest networks of rapid chargers (43-50kW) operating in...

EVRESCUE service launched by the RAC

The RAC has launched the first mobile recharging service for electric vehicles at Green Fleet Scotland. RAC claim that the 5kW Fast unit can deliver approximately 15 miles of range to a ‘stricken’ electric vehicle (EV) in approximately 30 minutes, enough to get...