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Tesla unveils Model Y

Tesla has launched the Model Y, a medium-sized SUV that sits below the Model X in the product line-up, and offering a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge. Like the rest of the recently revised line-up, the Model...

Alfen launches Eve home charge point

Alfen has launched a new home charge point, with the Eve Single S-line offering much of the tried-and-tested Eve’s systems in a domestic package. The new Eve Single S-line is a smart unit that meets the forthcoming home charge point regulations being...

Best EVs at Geneva Motor Show 2019

The Geneva Motor Show 2019 has been a great show for electric vehicles. Having travelled out to Switzerland for the first press day, we’ve rounded-up the best plug-in models, from compact urban cars to luxurious grand tourers. Alfa Romeo In a surprise...

Tesla unveils 250 kW Superchargers

Tesla has launched V3 Supercharging, the third version of its ultra-rapid recharging network with units able to charge at up to 250 kW. The new capabilities include Supercharger stations with a 1 MW power cabinet, which allows all drivers the ability to...

Andersen launches Alexa compatible P1

EV charge point manufacturer Andersen has launched the P1, a free-standing smart unit with integrated Alexa voice control. The 22 kW unit includes compatibility with Andersen’s Kønnect management system with users able to connect their Alexa products to the charging firm’s app....