bp pulse taxi

bp pulse taxi ev charging network guide

bp pulse taxi is part of the EV charging network established by Transport for London (TfL) for black cab drivers in the capital. Made up solely of rapid charge points, bp pulse taxi uses the company’s Ultracharge units, with access via contactless credit or debit card.

bp pulse taxi points have restricted access, and are only available to use by licenced taxi drivers.

How much does the bp pulse taxi network cost?


Pay-as-you-go price: 20p or 22p/kWh Check Zap-Map for details

No membership fee

Not compatible with bp pulse app or access card – only with contactless credit/debit card

To discover how much it will cost to charge an EV from a bp pulse taxi charge point, head to Zap-Map’s Public Charging Calculator. This allows you to select any new or used plug-in vehicle, and tailor elements – such as electricity cost and charge required – for personalised results.

How to use the the bp pulse taxi network

bp pulse taxi access

Access to the bp pulse taxi network is made via a contactless credit or debit card for pay-as-you-go customers.

Finding bp pulse taxi points on Zap-Map

bp pulse taxi filters

All bp pulse taxi points can be found on Zap-Map desktop by using the ‘Taxi Use Only’ filter, and then selecting bp pulse taxi under ‘Filter by network’. In Zap-Map app, taxi-only points will not be shown by default. To see these, first users need to go into app settings, and select ‘Show Taxi Only points on app’. Then bp pulse taxi points can be shown using the network filters in the usual way.

bp pulse also provides Zap-Map with a live network feed of points, helping to show the most up-to-date charge point information possible. This means Zap-Map can show if a charge point is in use or available, alongside the traditional reports indicating whether the unit is operational or out of order.


About bp pulse taxi

bp pulse holds one of the TfL concessions to install, operate, and maintain rapid charge points for the city’s taxi drivers. As well as operating the UK’s largest public charging network the Luton-based company is also one of the largest EV charge point manufacturers in the country, with approximately 50,000 devices sold worldwide.

Founded in 2008, bp pulse manufacturers home charge units and public fast chargers. The company also produces rapid chargers, with the flagship Ultracharger its most advanced device. Chargemaster was bought by bp in 2018.