Liberty Charge network

liberty charge charging network guide

Liberty Charge works in partnership with local authorities to help deliver power and connectivity infrastructure for on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Working in residential areas of UK towns and cities, Liberty Charge serves residents who don’t have access to off-street parking or charging facilities. As such, the network currently consists of fast, on-street charging devices – mostly in London and Northamptonshire.

Drivers can pay for charging through the Liberty Charge app, with an RFID card, or using a QR code. The network charges a small idle fee during daytime hours to avoid its charge points being blocked by vehicles that are not charging. Liberty Charge is part of the Zap-Map Live data network.

Liberty Charge network costs

Liberty Charge PAYG

No membership fee

Connection fee: £1.50 

Cost per charge: 43p/kWh

Liberty Charge membership

£5 per month

No connection fee

Cost per charge: 38p/kWh

To discover how much it will cost to charge an EV from a Liberty Charge charge point, head to Zap-Map’s Public Charging Calculator. This allows you to select any new or used plug-in vehicle, and tailor elements – such as electricity cost and charge required – for personalised results.

How to use the Liberty Charge network

liberty charge network access

Drivers can access the Liberty Charge network through the Liberty Charge app, with an RFID card, or by using a QR code.

Finding Liberty Charge points on Zap-Map

liberty charge network filters

You can currently find Liberty Charge points on Zap-Map by using the network filter. You can use this on the desktop and mobile apps to display only those points operated by Liberty Charge.

Charging types and speeds can be filtered too, showing only those points that are compatible with users’ cars.


About Liberty Charge

Liberty Charge is a network of conveniently located on-street electric vehicle charge points across the UK. Our mission is to build accessible and reliable EV charging infrastructure that makes it easy for everyone to run an EV, regardless of whether they have off-street parking.

The company is a joint venture between Liberty Global and Zouk Capital, leveraging all the build capabilities and network assets of Virgin Media, a Liberty Global subsidiary. Virgin Media passes close to 16 million homes and continues to build past hundreds of thousands of additional premises every year – one of the biggest ongoing infrastructure investments in the UK.