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60 comment on “Community

    1. Admin (Zap-Map) Post author

      Hi Mike – yes its getting quite busy on the map although you can use the filters or zoom in to see details. We are looking at setting some pre-filters (e.g. rapid only) when the map is first opened. Thanks ZM

  1. glaesum

    London: while welcoming your add of the growing number of rapid chargers that TfL have partnered with Polar & for Taxis, ESB, I’ve spotted that filter which switches to taxi only and off doesn’t appear to work. You have also missed a trick in the filter design: you really need three switches, [1] taxi only, [2] everyone & [3] taxi only excluded. It’s now a nuissance to have to drill down everytime you want to check a particular rapid is available to ordinary EV drivers.

    1. Admin (Zap-Map) Post author

      Hi Pete

      Agree with your point that the vast majority of EV drivers are not EV Taxi drivers which is why the standard Zap-Map view on both app and desktop do not show Taxi Only points.

      If you want to view the Taxi Only points on the desktop you need to specifically apply the filter (otherwise they do not show-up).

      If you want to view the Taxi Only points on the app, you first need to go to App Settings, select the “Show Taxi Only points”, then both the Taxi Only and Standard points will show and you can then filter down to only show Taxi Only points.

      When you say the filter doesn’t work – could you explain what you are experiencing?

      Thanks Melanie

      1. glaesum

        hi Melanie, sorry I’ve been away and missed when you moderated the question a week back.
        First the app is fine, I hadn’t checked that when I asked – it works exactly as you say, have to mine down a bit to find that app setting.
        However on the desktop [using a Windows 10 PC] I still don’t find the taxi switch works and it appears to default to showing all the London taxi charge points rather than not showing them. I’ve checked on two different computers in case it was a single quirk. The taxi only points are all visible and don’t swtich off with the filter slider. Some are easy to spot such as the ones in Central Line station carparks in NE London which are all pink without an AC cable but the two new ones near Finsbury Park are triple headers and nothing identifies the taxi one from the public one without actually clicking on the map pin. Hope this is clear enough. Thanks for your response.

    1. Admin (Zap-Map) Post author

      Hi Carebyname – Zap-Map aggregrates information from many different charge point networks – each has a different payment mechanism – sometimes RFID card, sometimes smartphone app (no NFC needed), sometimes credit card. Take a look at the page which explains the different payment methods. Thanks ZM

  2. alangeering

    Dear Zap-Map. Is there any chance you might allow filtering by “date installed”. I really liked the video you made visualising the growth of charge points. For my purposes the whole map gets quite crowded and I’d like to be able to see what new chargers have appeared in the last week, month, year that I might use to modify my routes when planning long distance driving. A slider selection of week/month/year/all wouldn’t take too much space in your UI. The ability to see what’s new (chargers) will become more important when there are more chargers. It also gives me a reason to come back and explore the Zap-Map rather than just using the same chargers I normally use.

  3. Anahata

    I think the charger filter selector for the Nissan LEAF is wrong. For all LEAF models, the filter is enabling a 22kW charging rate on Type 2 connectors, as well as the 3.3kW. No currently available model of LEAF (including the new 2018 LEAF) can charge at 22kW on that connector as they are all single phase chargers.
    (It is rumoured that the 2019 60kWH LEAF will have 22kW charging using 3 phase but that’s definitely for the future.)

  4. lilahlondon

    Hi, I am new to electric vehicles and collect my Renault Zoe next week. I have located several charge points near my home in London but I have no idea what to do next. Do I join something? Get a card? How much will it cost? I am quite confused about actually taking my car and charging it. I presume I will have a lead and a plug. Please advise. Thank you.
    PS I am not able to charge at home.

  5. Leafmold

    Is there a formal forum on this site with headings for subject matter, or is there just this comment box to post questions or information? If the latter, ZapMap might be missing get an opportunity for their members to communicate and use the site more frequently.

  6. jon

    3-pin charge points: Why are they listed as 3kW? The EVSE modules of most EVs will only draw 10A for safety reasons. This means that any 3-pin point can only give you a maximum of 2.2kW. I think it should be changed so that users are clear that their EVSE will charge more slowly than a 16A type 2/Mennekes point.

  7. ZoeFanMK

    Just joined the EV world with a Renault Zoe. Tried my first charge on a POLAR unit in Milton Keynes, using the Polar Instant app. Zap-Map says that the cost is £6.00/30 mins. Charged the car for half an hour, but I was shocked to be billed £7.20 !! Reading the small print I find that POLAR charges a £1.20 “admin fee” for every charge i.e. a connection fee. Why is this not mentioned in Zap-Map? (Zap-Map says that the cost of an Ecotricity charge includes a £3 connection fee)

  8. jimbo

    ZapMap is a total waste of time. The first site I tried was not accessible to the public (private land) and the second does not exist at all – it’s a pedestrian area not accessible to vehicles. The map is unusable on a mobile device. Managed to find a charger without using the map. Shame I had to waste valuable charge on a wild goose chase. Never using this again.

    1. Melanie S (Zap-Map)

      Hi James

      Sorry for your bad experience! For some points which dont have live status, we partially rely on drivers to let us know if a charge point has been removed or not accessible to the public – if you could let us know which points we can update the map so no other users experience your frustration. Thks Melanie

  9. Micky


    I love your map.

    I have one query though, as 99.9% percent of us live in the real world and pay vat. why are your prices shown not al vat inclusive? Which they should be.

    It is very deceptive to quote some sites, like Ecotricity, whose shown cost includes vat. and other sites like Chargepoint Genie who add 20% to the shown charges including connection charge. This 20% is a big increase and the price shown deceptively makes the product look cheaper than it is.

    We should be allowed to compare eggs with eggs, and as few of us have the ability to avoid vat, all prices shown should be what we actually will pay.

    Just a suggestion.



  10. Alan

    Latest Android App – Map data is out of date?
    ZAP MAP on Android updated recently and since then the map data (charge point locations) has gone back in time.
    When I check online via the website, the charge point data is up to date. On Android it is not.
    For example, the charging point at Whiteley Shopping Centre East PO15 7PE (POD Point Brad-Alan) is now missing from the Android map and has been since the update.
    The Charge points at West Quay Shopping Mall SO15 1QF are at the correct location on the website but the Android map has them back at the incorrect location (SO15 1BA).

    1. Admin (Zap-Map) Post author

      Hi Alan

      Thanks for your feedback. The map data is being updated and new points are being added as for the desktop; they both use the same database. I can see Brad-Alan on the Android app. However we are experiencing some issues when we update a device location and it not feeding through to the new API. We are looking into this and will get it fixed as soon as possible.

      KR Melanie

        1. tony1tf

          Is there an update for this yet? – it’s very tedious to do a print screen on a turn-by-turn route, and the browser’s ‘print’ command (Chrome on a Mac) doesn’t show any of the map or route.

  11. jcarr

    As a relative newbie to EV ownership I have been very pleased with my vehicle indeed, suiting our type of driving in terms of range. However I am really struggling as to which charging network to subscribe to for longer trips. So far I have 5 apps on my phone and 2-3 RIFID cards as there seems to be little inter connectivity. This combined with ensuring I have a card for the area I am going to in time for the journey makes for a lot of stress as well. Some of these cards cost £20 a year to subscribe to and I will only use them possibly 2-4 times in a year. I would rather pay a small fee for each time I use the facility and service it provides and just be able to go to the nearest one which works with my vehicle, what is the point of all these apps? which just add complexity and so unreliability, when you could pay a few pounds for a top up when you use the point?
    Why should we expect free charging? It is not sustainable and is resulting in an extra layer of administration and cost to what is fundamentally a simple process. The newest card I have is for Plugged in Midland, great, free charging now while at the hotel (worth probably £4-8 over a few nights) and free for 6 mths (when I live 150miles away) then £8 a month, for one journey and back. I was advised to just cancel the subscription after the journey and resubscribe next time!!!! This is barmy, I want to be able to get in my vehicle in the morning with a full battery for the day, not drive to a charge point which may be miles away.


  12. Connor

    Hi guys! I’d love to hear your thoughts on access to charging points in the UK and specifically Bournemouth, and also what benefits you get from being part of the Zap-Map community? Please reply asap. Many Thanks, Connor.

  13. buck-eejit

    I have just purchased a Soul EV, I live in Coleraine, which is half way between Ballymena & Londonderry. Ballymena too Coleraine is 35 miles and the same too Londonderry from Coleraine. Unfortunately Coleraine does not have a rapid charger. I think a Rapid Charger would be good placed in the Riverside retail Park, which has in the region of 1000 Spaces. I do find it odd that there is a Rapid charger in POrtrush, which is a very small seaside holiday town. And a Main 100,000 population town Like Coleraine does not have a Rapid charger :-/

  14. koborn

    Has anyone else had problems with Ecotricity since they swapped from RFID card to mobile app?

    The mobile app’s default method of identifying the charge point is by scanning the QR code. However, I’ve found that this is very flaky: takes several minutes of waving the phone in front of the machine for it to work. Newish HTC phone, and the lens is clean 😉

    First time I gave up and used the “type the number in manually” option.

    Since then, they seem to have updated the app, so when you select this option the Android keyboard is not pulled up. Stuck!

    Very frustrating. Ecotricity aren’t interested, they wouldn’t even respond to a query.

    They used to be the only CP network I actually trusted to work, most of the time. Now they are way down the bottom.

    The whole trend to move to mobile app based systems is adding layers of complexity and unreliability that are not needed. Quite apart from the silly ban on using mobiles in petrol stations, how well would BP or Tesco do if you had to drive the pump from your phone?

  15. Sparkalicious

    Hi all, pretty new to all this lark but very willing to help the community.
    I live very near 2 Source London charge points. These have just been updated to the brand new shiny white charging posts. The, what I presume, device numbers that are on the back of the posts do not in anyway match what is on the Zap-Map listing.
    Do these need updating (I can supply the new numbers plus photos) or are the device numbers Zap-Map specific?
    Also the devices now has a tethered connection plus a plug in point. The listing does not seem to distinguish between the two, just “type1” and “type2”. May be useful to add this information. It could also be the case that the info needs completely updating and what I am seeing is for the old type post.

  16. Micky

    I have a small problem when using zap map on my iPhone. After I have selected a charge point (such as Hollyhedge -KT113DQ) and go to information, then the statement at the bottom of the page next to the “i” symbol is curtailed with dots and I am unable to read the whole sentence. No amount of clicking or trying to scroll seems to help.

    Can you advise?



  17. Alan

    I am having trouble submitting photos with the Zap Map Chat. I choose the camera icon and I am asked if I want to use the camera or an existing photo. If I choose the camera option, I take the photo, choose save and then post but there is no photo posted. If I take the photo before using the Chat then choose Use An Existing Photo, the photo appears on the chat but is either upside down or on its side. Phone = Samsung galaxy S4, Android 5.0.1

  18. Ecohound

    I cannot get passed the welcome screen on the latest app update on my Samsung Galaxy, that was yesterday so today I checked for updates and loaded the latest update. However it is still the same.

    1. Melanie S (Zap-Map)

      Hi Ecohound – sorry missed your comment – hoping this is now resolved? We updated the Android app so that the welcome screen scrolls so you should now be able to access the “Got it” button and move to the map. Let us know if still an issue. Thanks Melanie

  19. danangdevils

    Hi there, i’ve noticed Sainsburys in East Filton, Bristol has removed their 2 TESLA charge points and are increasing the amount of EV charge points! Does anyone know if they will be Leaf compatible charge points or only TESLA again?


  20. Melanie S (Zap-Map)

    Hi Delazzuro

    Take a look at the public networks page. Looking around Buckinghamshire looks like there are a mainly POD Point and POLAR points. Both of these are accessible by PAYG apps to try out, or you can get a subscription. If you are venturing further afield you are sure to need Ecotricity points – to access / pay you will need to download their app (£6 for 30 minute rapid charge). Let us know how you get on. Melanie

  21. Melanie S (Zap-Map)

    Hi Whatsnext

    That is a good point – they should all be marked clearly with “restricted access” and you should be able to filter out by selecting “no restricted access” points but we will look into the issue and consider whether to set as a default not showing them on the map. It is not entirely straightforward as some of them do allow public access but we will ponder this point!


  22. Whatsnext

    I love Zap Map and it has been very useful to me, but I am surprised you put private companies with workforce only charging sites on the map. They must take up data room and just confuses us normal people looking for charging stations we can all access.

  23. jon

    Haven’t clue whether this is the correct forum, but, everytime I install the app on my phone (Alcatel Pixi 4) it works fine for about a minute then all charge points disappear and I can’t post on the points info, It won’t let me log in. Every time I get a something went wrong type screen, or a reset my password. Thus far to day (Sunday,13th November,2016) I’ve downloaded and re-installed twice, had several attempts whilst at the actual charge point of posting info. As I am a perfectly normal, average, sane, sensible, quiet, never given to exploding, (my story and I’m sticking to it) sort of old feller, could you please help before the phone, Zapmap et al exit the Mitsubishi’s window at a great rate of knots? 😉 Oh, and just in case, I logged on my home PC and did this post using exactly the same details I entered in the phone app 🙂

  24. Mackem Lad

    I have had my Golf GTE for 2 days, charging at home – more to test things out than necessity. Tried a public charging point, administered by ‘Charge my car’. Used the appropriate card and Type 2 cable. Problems! Not charging, and the display on the charging point said something about RCD? No green light on the socket on the car, but a connected graphic on the dashboard. Could it be a defective charging point, problem with the car, or a faulty lead? Or have I mismatched my car with the charging point. Details of charging point below:

    Charging Points
    Rating: 7kW 32A
    Supply: 1-phase AC
    Socket: Type 2 Mennekes

    Any suggestion appreciated.

  25. LeaftripFGB99

    For information I travelled to Llandrindod Wells, in a borrowed Leaf 30kW car, and tried to recharge at The Little Chef at Builth Wells but they did not have a charging point,have never had a charging point, in spite of it being listed. Fortunately I managed to get a good charge at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells where they only charged me £5, it would have been free if I was staying there, a good service. It is vital that valid charging points are the only ones listed on Zap Map!

  26. Beneficial

    hi, I am planning a day out for my mother travelling from Sevenoaks to Elstead Surrey,and then to Findon near Worthing, back to Elstead and then on to Sevenoaks. I know I can do the Sevenoaks to Elstead run and back and can charge easily at her place. Have looked for the leg out to Findon and back to Elstead and made a few discoveries….The carpark chargers owned by Horsham council eg Billingshurst/Six Bells are not available to day trippers as you need to be an account holder. There is a car park at Horsham Waitrose which is owned by Waitrose and which is FREE to use. Open 7 days a week from 0730 – 2100 except Sunday from 100 – 1600..
    My question is does anyone have any ideas on how i can manage this trip?…ideally without sitting for hours in the charging car! I can get my charge upto 98 miles, and I am more than happy to sit and have lunch while it charges. If you are in the Sussex area your local knowledge would help. thank you.

  27. Mackem Lad

    Hello I’m newly joined to your community, and welcome the opportunity to share views, and to seek help. We will soon be taking delivery of a Golf GTE, our first venture into electric vehicles via a plugin hybrid. Looking forward very much to touring round the country over the summer. In preparation, I have studied various sites and maps of available EV charging point networks, and it seems to me that we’ll have to ‘join’ various organisations to obtain relevant cards to use the charging stations dotted round the country. Is this the situation, or is it possible to obtain a ‘generic’ card? At home the council have provided free access to charging points, including free parking. I’d be interested to know if a map exists of other councils who have done similar schemes.

    Any news on when there will be a Zap Map app for Windows phone please?

    Thank you.

    1. Melanie S (Zap-Map)

      Hi Mackem

      Good luck with your Golf GTE – let us know how you get on!

      Afraid the public charging network is quite fragmented and there is no generic card available. Take a look at our public networks page which explains the key networks’ coverage and payment. You can also go to the main map and filter by network to see which are the main networks operating in the areas in which you tend to travel.

      Zap-Map for Windows is on the wish list but as there is a small user base, it has not yet made it onto the road map. We will take a look at this again over the summer.

      Thanks Melanie

      1. Mackem Lad

        Thanks Melanie. I have registered with two networks. Ironically, my home city has free charging points which include parking, but I have had to join ‘Charge Your Car’ and pay fee for a card to do so.

        Will update you on progress, Big E day is 15th July!


  28. Tinman

    Subjects of interest
    Miles on a charge for all vehicles shown on new vehicles complete ####
    Zoe 130 as even Renault put in there own booklet it is 62 in winter 90 in summer when new
    Worse inaccuracy than non ev vehicles
    If charging is over priced it will effect sales
    Gm and tesla 2017 onward will change things? 200 miles on a charge

  29. bowiebexley

    Dorset query: I’m new to this; just getting a Mitsubishi PHEV. Does it really cost £4 each time you use Charge Your Car??? This is what Zap-Maps say; Charge Your Car say it’s 1200p, i.e. £12!!! Cheaper to use petrol! Help!

    1. Bryn the eco

      Try coming to us in Wales. We have 3 ev charge points……never charged a guest………feed the points on 100% renewable energy, some of which we make……went carbon neutral 3 years ago…….. just so happens to be 2 commercial hydros within 200m
      So the zap map is a vast data base with a wide community of user. Beware the manufacturers data bases. Often they only highlight their own.

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