Forum rules

On the Zap-Map forum, we are keen to foster a friendly and welcoming environment for our users to speak freely about charging points and EV-related matters. The forum is for users to express opinions and communicate useful information to other EV drivers and enthusiasts.

There are, however, rules that community members must abide by in order to post in the forum. As the moderator, Zap-Map reserves the right to remove or modify any posts, or block members, we feel do not adhere to the following rules:

No Spam
Any users posting on behalf of commercial organisations should declare this up-front via their signature, editable in the member profile. Commercial posts are permitted, however, anything considered spam-like may be removed without notice, particularly if reported by other members.

No Privileges
There shall be no privileges assigned to members commercial or otherwise.

Offensive Content
Material that is sexually obscene, racist, discriminatory or in any way deemed offensive is not permitted on this forum. This includes user pictures. Please use common sense while posting.

Any material which constitutes harassment, defamation or abuse is strictly prohibited. Again, please use common sense.

User Comments
Comments and forum messages are owned by the poster. Furthermore, nothing posted in this forum, apart from Zap-Map posts by Zap-Map, should be considered to represent the view of Zap-Map.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use the community forum.

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