• This is all very good and may work for some work locations but we need V2G systems at home so that when you get home with say 50% of your battery still available, you can cook your tea with the spare energy during peak time then charge up again overnight off peak

  • At least at many motorway services there are generally more than one charger so if one is in use you don’t have to hang around. I have tried to use a couple of Polar rapids ‘just off the motorway’ to find that they are in use and had to wait over half an hour to get started. If they could charge 2 vehicles at a time that would be a great step forward.

  • I might be the only one here, but I think it is good to pay for the service although I would question the minimum amount when you might just want a quick top up to get home. If paying means we get a more reliable service and faster expansion then I am all for it. If it stops drivers hogging the charger for over an hour trying to get the last few…[Read more]

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