• Hi ‘Smiffy’ or ‘@nfjeff‘ as your profile says.
    Thank you for your comment about my spelling. Unfortunatley as an older gentleman who was evacuated during the war, as a child I was only allocated 1 and a half day’s education a week – hence my spelling is not perfect. I do not however let my age limit my independance, and was very excited to…[Read more]

  • Hi I have a Renault zoe Dynamique Intens,since Febuary this year, the best car I have had in over40 years of driving,just begining to get the confidence to take on longer distances this week end the 25Th july 2015 I am going to conniston in the lake district, I live in Kent Maidston by the way.I belive some 350 Miles I have work out a route and…[Read more]

  • I have a Renault zoe Dynamique intens, from Febuary of this year and iust aboult getting the confidence to tackel some long journeys and fineding it verry confusing when uesin the on board satnav when I am told thier is not enough charge in the battery to complet the journey then when I try to find a station on my set destnation nearly all of the…[Read more]

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    I am a recent owner renult zoe it an ambishion to drive it up too sleaford. In lincolshire, to se my daulther but I am finding it difficult to plan a route where to find the charge pionts for the juiony thire and back I live near maidstone in Kent,some help with this would be much appreciated ..

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