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    • Hi, Just to add to the confusion with Harley Dreamer, I too have just purchased the BMW i3 94Ah Rex and thought I could use the 43KW AC charging points but when I select the i3 on Zap map the 43KW AC type 2 connector is unavailable. I had a chat (on-line) with BMW and have it in writing that it is acceptable to use the 43KW AC type 2…. but as…[Read more]

  • Harley Dreamer replied to the topic Connector Selector in the forum Zap-Map Tools 1 year ago

    Hi, I have recently bought a BMW i3 94Ah REx. We do a fairly high annual milage (16000 miles per year) which includes holidays in the UK. I have consulted ZapMap for appropriate charging stations and found that when I select my vehicle to filter by, it shows that I can connect to a 22Kw charger.
    I have found from other sources, however, that my…[Read more]

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