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  • Hi there,
    Could you help me out with something…
    Can a BMW i8 or any non-rapid AC enabled car plug into a Rapid AC plug, and pull just 22kW? The only reason why I ask is because if, for example, I select the BMW i8 on the charge map vehicle selector, it doesn’t show the Ecotricity Electric Highway ones, that just have RAC and RDC plugs, and no…[Read more]

  • Oh, sorry and one more thing. When my dad took a test Drive of a LHD Europe Model S, it looked like the Model S had a Type 2 Menekes port only, but how does this allow Tesla’s Supercharging, and where does the proprietary Tesla Port come into play in all this?

  • Oh, and another thing I don’t understand. Why has Europe decided to go with Combo DC, when surely R.A.C is simpler as it just uses the same one socket, would therefore be more likely to come as standard, and offers similar times to DC?


  • I like the new website a lot. I was wondering why the R.A.C compatibility has now been removed, can the Model S not actually not take R.A.C? I e-mailed Tesla but got no reply. In fact, what cars take R.A.C apart from the Zoe?

  • There is also a CHAdeMO adaptor which Tesla sell, which works if your car is Supercharger enabled. Also, I’m pretty sure the R.AC doesn’t give 80% in 30 mins, as that’s what it does to the Renault ZOE, my guess is it’d probably take more like an hour and a half to give you 80% with the Tesla.

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