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    BP is set to install EV charge points on its forecourts after the company’s chief executive Bob Dudley announced that it is in talks to set up partner
    [See the full post at: BP in talks to create charging network at garages]

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    lord paul

    Hope they remember the County of Norfolk. Every where seem to get what they want but Norfolk is too short of Rapids that it is almost impossible to get to more than one town at a time !

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    Big Al

    Norfolk is certainly lacking! (Who has a visitor centre and cafe that’s not open at the weekends!?!?!?!?!)

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    lord paul

    This may give a very small idea of how bad Norfolk is in lacking of Rapid charges.

    Norfolk electric charging desert –

    I have contacted the following attractions, just asked them one question, Do you have electric car charging facilities at or near you site?

    Bewilderwood – – only one -Tesla.

    Fair Haven Gardens – – “ Dear Paul
    Unfortunately we do not have any electric charging areas. The local garages may be able to help but I haven’t seen any on my travels.
    Georgie “

    Amazonzoo – – “Thank you for your email.
    We do not have a car charging point and I am unaware of any close by, sorry I can not be of more use.
    Kind regards “

    Holkham Hall – – “ Dear Paul

    I’m afraid we do not have any charging points here and I am sorry but I am not aware of any locally.
    Kind regards
    Sarah “

    Dinosaur Adventure park – “Thank you for your enquiry. I have found a map online that shows all the local charging points. Unfortunately we do not have a charging point on site or in the village which I have circled.

    Thrigby Hall – – “ Morning Paul Unfortunately we do not have charging facilities, however I have looked on ‘zap-map’ and the nearest are in Acle (coop) approx 5 miles away near to the junction of the A47 and the A1064 or in Great Yarmouth approx 8 miles away. Hope this helps, we look forward to seeing you soon.

    Kind Regards “

    AND so it goes on – or NOT as it seems in Norfolk !
    A BIG chance for any company thinking about installing RAPID charges to cover the many 100’s miles around Norfolk and Suffolk.
    Give these attractions a chance to have the Electric car drivers some time to enjoy theirselves in East Anglia.

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    It all comes down to pricing.

    If BP think this is another way to fleece motorists, as they do with their ridiculous £1.35 per litre petrol prices at motorways, then it is not good news.

    Lets hope BP and other petrol suppliers don’t get a cartel together to make EV pricing as expensive as petrol, which I fear they will.

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      Linda Grave

      EV Driver would love to build this network in the East of England, we are installing units for the East of England Co-op and the latest is in Acle, we know more are needed and we are here to help. Easy access PAYG network with no membership fees ,,, it’s the way forward.

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        lord paul

        Thank you Linda for the post regarding charging points in the East Anglia region.

        I noted the Co-op in Acle has destination charges.

        A start, but please answer this – Why are you installing destination charges that take 5 – 6 hours to charge ?

        A driver can not spend 5 to 6 hours waiting to charge while shopping !!

        What is needed is for any installer of EV Charge points to look at the locations / time spent before choosing what type of charges to install.
        i.e. Shop like the Co-op where a customer may spend 45 mints – to 1 hour MAX needs a RAPID charger. Silly to sit in a car with the frozen goods for 5 or 6 hours to get a charge.

        I have a Leaf 24kw and it will give me for 1 hour of charging no more than 10 miles charge for the battery.

        So not enough to get me home most of the time.

        So please consider RAPID charges for short sty shopping and destination charges for long time shops like cinema, day out attraction etc.

        Thank for trying but would be good if more useful with Rapids.

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    Hopefully charging points at petrol stations will help to eliminate the large areas where there are no facilities. I regularly travel to Lincolnshire and there are very few places to charge.

    I hope that Shell & BP set sensible prices. I know it won’t be cheap as they want to make a decent profit and there is a limit as to how many vehicles per day can charge.

    I think a price of about £5.00 for 30 mins at 50kWh would be fair. Expensive compared to charging at home but for the odd rapid charge whilst out I could live with it.

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    Lord paul is right; 3KW and 7KW chargers are a waste of time and are going to fade away with EVs getting longer ranges and rapid chargers being installed as the charger of choice. I am surprised installers are still putting such low powered chargers in, I image it is more for the shops PR than actual practicality.

    Forward looking Supermarkets, such as LIDL and IKEA have already realised that rapid chargers are required. Apparently the average food shopper stays in a supermarket for less than 20 minutes.

    As for how much garages charge, that will be as much as the garages think they can get away with.

    They must charge by the KWH as time based chargers do not comply with Trading Standards Weights and Measures criteria, as chargers vary in speed and output. Can you imaginge a petrol garage measured on time and therefore slower pumps giving less petrol? There would be a public upcry!

    Also the reason current suppliers use their own Apps or RFID cards is because they avoid Debit and Credit Card charges. At 50p per use this is a big percentage on a £4 or £5 bill, and the end consumer is the person that would otherwise pick it up.

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