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    Chargemaster has launched an EV charging solution for fleet operators, enabling customers to pay one monthly subscription for multiple accounts. Plug-
    [See the full post at: Chargemaster launches POLAR Corporate service]

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    Its the VHS & Betamax conflict all over again : the losers are the public who choose the ‘wrong’ one : I’m guessing that it’s only a government body that could stipulate one type of slow charging plug & one type of fast charger connection. To have to subscribe to different companies like Source London or Polar etc is ludicrous – It absolutely needs to be handled by one company for all EV drivers. We have standardised petrol/diesel filling pumpguns so why not the same sensible standards for EVs ?? The whole thing is so badly managed that it can only put anyone off buying an EV when they go into the detail.

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    To have only one company supply all public EV needs would be financial disaster, we need fierce competition between the energy providers to drive prices down.

    The EU government has taken sensible steps to standardise on the industry recommended high power CCS connector which combines both low and high power requirements in one socket.

    Practically all manufacturers have agreed to use this in future, so the long years of VHS vs Betamax conflict should hopefully not be repeated, although the Japanese are very very stubborn about giving up their home grown products. Ask Sony who lost millions because of it!

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    There is one worrying aspect to this story.

    That is that at the moment no PHEV drivers with 3kw max charging rates (Mercs and Bmws etc) purchase subscriptions to Polar Plus. So the Ultrachargers are available to use by genuine pure EV cars.

    As most company cars are now Phevs purchased because of low BIK rates, that means this group of people will now get free Polar Plus cards and will use them to block Ultrachargers for hours on end filling their tiny batteries, which will make them feel smug but will ruin it for us pure EV drivers who NEED to charge to get home.

    Instavolt are the only company with the correct solution, and that is DC charging only pumps. The perfect answer.

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