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    Chargemaster has announced that it now has the UK’s largest rapid charger EV network, with the 300th rapid unit installed at the Best Western Garden C
    [See the full post at: Chargemaster POLAR becomes UK’s largest rapid network]

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    I only make it less than 129 rapid chargers on Polar. CYC still isn’t fully integrated with Polar, though partly available to some of their customers; and Polar not even fully integrated with itself. (many ex-Plugged in Midlands still not available with Polar Instant, for instance)

    Zap-Map data: Filter by network: Polar, filter by charge level: 43kW, 50kW+, gives 105 locations, 359 connectors. If you assume triple-headed chargers, Zap-Map data gives just 119 units,
    Most of which are in Milton Keynes, only one in Wales, none are in Scotland, none are in Northern Ireland.

    Compare with Chargeplace Scotland at 151 locations, 467 connectors. (data:Zap-Map)
    Compare with Ecotricity at 117 locations, and 645 connectors on rapid chargers (data: Zap-Map)

    so, in terms of the UK, not the biggest rapid charging network, but about the third biggest.

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    The 300 units include all rapid chargers accessible on the POLAR network, which includes CYC rapid chargers. While we have an agreement to provide information to Zap Map, we hold the most definitive information on all of our charging points.

    We now have 300 rapid charging points accessible to POLAR network members, which makes POLAR the largest rapid charging network in the UK.

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    Except none of them are at the motorway services where people actually want to stop on a long journey. They are unlikely to want to search around for a charger in a less obvious place.

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    At least at many motorway services there are generally more than one charger so if one is in use you don’t have to hang around. I have tried to use a couple of Polar rapids ‘just off the motorway’ to find that they are in use and had to wait over half an hour to get started. If they could charge 2 vehicles at a time that would be a great step forward.

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    I wouldn’t be bothered for a 15min+ on my journeys, but there’s no easy way to find these charging posts either. It’d be really helpful to have an up to date POI file or coordinates or something for easier navigation to these points. I’m tired of looking for a post on my phone while driving, and if one planned post is in use I just cannot recalculate my journey in a moment. Polar might have the largest rapid network, but most of these charging posts remain hidden on the map until zap-map is the best way of finding them.

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    Never seen one on my travels! As previous posters have stated, motorway and trunk road service stations are all that’s required when travelling around. As such, I know where I can find an Ecotricity charger without resorting to apps and maps, and I find their chargers quick and simple to use. More Ecotricity please!

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    But whats the point if they install them at places like the Holiday Inn Express Chester race course where there is a parking attendant who tells you your only able to use it if you are a hotel guest!

    Either they need to inform staff at these places that the chargers are for every ones use or they need to inform EV drivers and zapmaps etc that you are only able to use some chargers if you are booked into the hotel where they are located.

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    Despite what this article says Ultrachargers are not currently available to Polar Instant cutomers. None of them appear on the Polar Instant map.

    I assume Polar think that users will be more inclined to take out a Polar Plus subscription to gain access to the Ultrachargers, but as someone who only rarely needs to charge outside the home, there is no way a Polar Plus subscription is going to be economic for me. Denying the use of Ultrachargers to Polar Instant users simply means I use other charging networks by preference.

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    Im a member of Polar Plus and it amazes me the number of people with genuine EV cars who complain about the subscription charging method. It cost £7.86 per month and you get limitless charging visits at the amazingly cheap rate of 10.8p per kwh. Which is cheaper than at home.

    If you just charge just twice a month with 25kw each time that will cost you, including subscription, £13.26.

    With Ecotricity that cost is £14.50.

    With Chargepoint Genie it is £17.00

    and with Shells projected 49p it will cost a ridiculous £24.50.

    The main advantage of Polar Plus is that you can just get multiple small charges without being penalised, like you are with Ecotricitys £3.00 a time connection charge.

    Life is not all good with Polar Plus though, I have noticed that Mitsubishi drivers have discovered Polar Plus and can charger hop at no penalty, making rapid chargers usable again.

    But the biggest problem with the Utracharger is its ridiculously short cables, fine for a front feeder like the Zoe or Leaf, but for a car with a side access like my i3 I find the cable too short to be able to use the left hand bays and still reach the socket. Which doubles my chances of being ICED. Parallel bays are even worse with the right hand bay being impossible to use. At least the other charging companies including CYC have sensible length cables.

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      The subscription model works if you charge more than twice a month. It does not work if you charge less than twice a month. Nor does it work if circumstances require you to charge at a non Polar charger after having already paid a Polar subscription.

      All Polar need to do is make ultra chargers available on Polar Instant and then we can choose if a subscription to Polar Plus is right for our own circumstances.

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    Flying Dodo

    The Polar Rapids all seem to be in places no-one really wants to go as a destination. The ideal location are motorways services, which clearly already have Ecotricity, so Polar need to put their’s on major A roads, as well as making them accessible on a pay as you go basis, rather than forcing people to pay for a monthly subscription.

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    Just what are the rules for being a Polar Plus member?

    I have been turned away from a Holiday Inn in Cheshire because I was told it was for Hotel Guests only!!

    0n another occasion I was told I would have to pay £4.50 parking charge, when all I wanted to do was charge.

    If many of Polars chargers are restricted and not usable by the public then Polar must stop advertising them on their map and claiming them as public points we can use with our subscription.

    PS: Why are their Ultracharger cables so short?

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    To Chargemaster.

    Do you really have the foggiest notion how many potential customers you are peeing off by

    A/ Having a flaky unusable instant app that does not work for a lot of people in a lot of places on a lot of phones?

    B/ Making your Ultracharger network un – available to anybody who only needs it very occasionally but resent paying ridiculous monthly fees for this twice a year event?

    People like me might only use your Ultrachargers twice a year. But there are probably a lot of us. This must be costing you revenue.

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