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    Chargemaster has announced that it will offer to take on any Source East charging points to its Polar network once the regional network shuts down at
    [See the full post at: Chargemaster to take on and upgrade Source East points]

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    Thats great news.

    Thank goodness Chargepoint Genie did not get their hands on them or we would all be paying through the nose.

    My last Chargepoint Genie charge was £8.59 for a session that Polar only charge £2.28 for!!

    The monthly subscription is almost covered in one charge!

    Keep up the good work Polar.

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    I hope Newmotion are successful in getting the bulk of the remaining Source East, as they are reportedly aiming to do. It sounds like Polar just have incorporated “a few” so far.

    I like what Newmotion says about it being against drivers interests to have any one company monopolise charging provision. And their plan for you to just turn up and pay with your debit card, regardless of needing an RFID card or app.

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    It all depends on what Newmotion intend to charge.

    Good news if they are as cheap as Polars 9p, but bad news if they try to profiteer off EV drivers like Source London 71p per kwh and Chargepoint Genies £8.50 for 25kwh.

    Have Newmotion announced pricing?

    I agree with Steve that we need a fixed consistent pump price payable by normal touch bank card, With no prior registration, account or phone app.

    It seems that suppliers are leveraging “connection” charges, monthly and yearly fees, and subscription charges to increase profits.

    This distorts per unit prices, for instance a 10kw top up at charge point Genie is £4 or 40p per kwh.

    Can you imagine the uproar if say Esso introduced a £1 “connection charge” at their petrol stations!! Or you could only buy Esso petrol if you have a monthly subscription account with them!

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