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    I am really interested in the economy/ sustainability aspects of PHEVs. Am considering a Mitsubishi Outlander as a company vehicle. My problem however is that I have no off street parking…………Hence, to charge at home I would need to either a) run a lead across the footpath or b) string a lead over the footpath via a tree……
    I have looked at my local borough council website but could find no information regarding charging at home etc etc……..
    Any advice gratefully accepted

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      Hi GP

      It is not recommendable to charge at home without off street parking, for the very reason you outlined. Have you considered getting a charge point installed at work? Have a look at our Charging at Work page. Depending on what your job involves you may be able to charge your EV fully whilst it is parked during working hours.

      Plug-in hybrids, such as the Outlander PHEV, in general have a smaller capacity battery than pure battery electric vehicles meaning they take less time to charge. For this reason, It would be worth looking at Zap-Map Live to see where your nearest charging points are. The Outlander PHEV can get an 80% charge in under 30 mins using a rapid charging unit and a full charge in under 5 hours using a fast 7kW charger. For more info on compatibility go to the Connector selector.

      Hope this is of help.
      Ed (Zap-Map)

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    Hi there,
    What is the best home charger and is there a good way to save on electricity costs?
    thank you

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    Quick update on this article… I just got off the phone with PodPoint and they informed me of the following

    A) The free installation is for a 3Kw (16Amp) charger, which will charge a Nissan Leaf in 8 hours
    B) The 7Kw (30 Amp) version will charge a Leaf in 4 hours. But has an additional cost of £118 (Including VAT)
    C) The comment on this page from above where they include a free pod point card for their network is false, they do not include this ! it is ad additional £12.50+VAT

    Thanks 🙂


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    Hi there

    I too live in a terraced house, but really want to shift to an EV. What’s the possibility of / process for getting a charging station installed in my street?


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    Hi is there any chance of getting the updated information on costs please? All of the offers ended on 31st March. Also some of the pricing with the individual companies is unclear as they quote a price then send an email with a load of extra costs that you may or may not have to pay but you don’t know until after their preliminary survey which is done on the day of installation after you have paid out. I’m getting a bit frustrated with them tbh. Just been let down by a company that promised they could install for free then after cut off date said it would cost me as they can’t deliver. I’m really wishing I had done this a year ago

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      Hi there, I have spent some time speaking to manufacturers this afternoon and have updated our information accordingly. I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of company’s so will add any relevant info in due course.

      The info now displayed on this page is accurate (as of 07/04/2015). Unfortunately, you are right all the free installation offers are now discontinued. There are still some decent offers subsidised by the governments EV Homecharge scheme, however.

      I would recommend having a look at the units on offer from POD Point, Chargemaster and Rolec. These are all well established manufactures and both POD Point and Chargemaster offer units and full installation for under £200. I am still awaiting confirmation of Rolec’s pricing but can vouch for them in terms of quality as one of our directors has one of their units installed at her house.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more queries.

      Ed (Zap-Map)

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    Hello, I am just wondering what are the options and logistic problems in installing a charge point in a private underground garage?

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    KC elec

    Hi everyone, my company KC Electrical Contractors are approved installers for Rolec, I would be happy to help with any queries regarding installation. If you are thinking of have a charge point installed you may be liable for a government grant up to £700 but the overal cost of the installation has a number of diferent factors, so it’s very difficult to say what it may cost an even if it’s possible to install it with out carrying out a report on each property before hand.

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    Good evening to every one just want to ask and add info about Home charging. Which one is the best? Thanks just got Outlander PHEV
    Many thanks!!!

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