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    I plug in at work on a regular basis.
    My Renault Fluence came with a 10 amp charging lead.

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    Our NHS trust got a government grant to install charge points at York and Scarborough Hospitals but these are not for the use of staff or visitors. The one at Scarborough has yet to be used.

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    Public sector organisation, installation of what appears to be 2 rapid chargers. In use for a few months by staff then empty because the organisation now refusing to allow staff to use them as its a benefit in kind & therefore has tax implications! Absolutely ridiculous waste of money installing them ESPECIALLY if they took advantage of a government grant to do so! The chargers aren’t free & it is my view that if I’m a card holder with whomever provides the charge point & paying for the electricity I’m using then there is no benefit in kind to consider.

    I’m not an employee but because I have a pass card for the building, as far as they are concerned I’m staff & wont let me use it. Not sure what the HMRC rules on this are but if that’s the advice they gave the organisation then the various government departments need to get on the same page with EV chargers!
    They aren’t even on zap map so no one gets to use them because the public don’t know they are there….

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