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    This guide to EV charging speeds and connectors walks through the various charging options open to plug-in car drivers. With two main factors to take
    [See the full post at: Charging speeds & connectors]

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    I bet your fed up with this type of query, but here goes:

    I have a Hyundai Ioniq Electric, if a CCS charger is not available, could I charge it with a type2 rapid ac charger, i.e. will the cars onboard 6.6kw ac charger only draw 6.6 although connected to perhaps 40kw or more?

    I am coming over to UK from France next month to Devon, where there appears to be a shortage of ccs connections, that’s why I’m asking.



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      Hi BrianH,

      Rapid AC chargers don’t work with my Ioniq here in the UK. The only type of connector that rapid charges my Ioniq is the CCS one. As you’ve rightly mentioned, there is a shortage of CCS chargers in and around the Devon area.

      Your best bet to find CCS chargers are on motorway stations and some very few CYC locations near city centre car parks.

      A few good links below (these services require that you download their apps and register your card so you can be charged when you use them): (Rapid chargers on motorways) (rapid, fast and slow chargers) (rapid, fast and slow chargers)

      Please let me know if there’s anything else you need help with.


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    Thanks UltraCharge

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    Please can someone tell me where can I find the details regarding the weight of these chargers, connectors and cables.
    Thank you.

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    I see a lot of negative comments on chargers on ZapMap saying they’re not the speed they claim to be… while this may be true in some cases:

    Mostly it’s about the temperature of the battery when it’s charging and the car therefore limiting it.

    For instance on the Renault Zoe (2013) the numbers in the boxes indicate the maximum it will accept based off the temperature (along the top) and the % of charge up to 100% (top to bottom) :

    Would be good to update the article to explain about how the battery charge temperature can affect the charging rate to stop people complaining about posts that are fine :).

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    What I would like to know is why do we need to 3 or more socket systems?? Anyone knows the answer. Is it just because no one is in charge (if you excuse the pun)?

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    can any body tell me the ratio of chadamo chargers to ccs as i am thinking of changing my leaf this year but there dose not appear to be that many ccs chargers out there, ?

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    Kevin: You want to be on this page –

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    Can anyone give advice. I have the Smart Fortwo Coupe EQ (Electric) with on board 22kw charger.

    Can i plug this in to a AC 43kw charging station?

    I assume the car would just draw the maximum 22kw from the charger, but am not sure,. I don’t want to blow my car or the charger up until i know for sure.

    I ask as all the local chargers near me are 43kw but my cars on board charger is 22kw.

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    Hi there. Such an insightful article I loved it. I actually used a part of your information and sent a link back to you in my own article. Check it out below and if you find it entertaining or interesting maybe we could get a link back.

    Electric Vehicle Charging Stations | Should You Go Green?


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