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    Only five local authorities have made use of a £4.5 million fund to help councils install EV charging points. The UK Government is urging local author
    [See the full post at: Councils urged to make use of EV charge point funds]

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    No new chargers in Worthing for about 2 years. The local amusement park place has two lit up posts with 3 pin plugs. I doubt anyone has ever used them or will ever use them. But hey, it makes them look progressive right.

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    Councils are broke!

    They would be crucified by voters if they diverted 25% of anything to spend on EV stuff. From, say, local care budgets, policing, roads, schools etc etc.

    Also they would impose stupid financial fees to use chargers, just like Source London do. Plus they would still want on street carpark charges like they do where CYC has our only on street charger.

    Give the government money to Polar and PodPoint and let them install chargers economically and in sensible places, and councils assist with free parking and planning concents.

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