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    Ecotricity and Rolec EV have launche a new package of benefits for EV drivers, which covers all aspects of plug-in vehicle charging. Called the Fully
    [See the full post at: Ecotricity and Rolec launch Fully Charged Bundle]

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    The removal of the £3 connection fee is a response to Shell.

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    30p is still expensive compared to Polars 10.8p Even with the subscription taken into account. Or even Shells current 25p.

    Plus we need to see the home electricity and, more importantly, home gas rates being offered by Ecotricity, which are historically hugely expensive compared with rates being offered as normal by energy comparison sites.

    Most EV drivers already have a home charger. Does this mean you can get a second one installed for just £99 all up? Or is it the original with grant offer?

    We need more info.

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    It’s good that they’ve removed the £3 charge. But for current customers, do we have to change to the Rolec plan to keep the discount on rapid charging? It doesn’t seem that clear but I’ll have to look at their site later and see if that makes it easier to grasp.

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      Ecotricity emailed us to say they’re automatically switching us to this new tariff because we already applied for the EV discount which they’ve offered up until now. I definitely think this is a good move for everyone and it is easier to understand than the old discount was.

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        RAE The Leaf

        As an existing Ecotricity customer I also got sent details of the new arrangement, which sounds fair.

        Personally my longer journeys are few and far between and, now with a 30kWh battery Leaf, there is rarely the need for me to charge away from home anyway. It can often be days between plugging in! Consequently my £7.85 Polar Plus monthly subscription does seem a bit of an extravagance – particularly as eight Pod Point Open Charge points are available at my usual Sainsbury’s supermarket to top up for FREE during our weekly shop, if I want to!

        However, looking at the £7.85 per month in context with what I used to pay for petrol makes me feel I may as well continue with it – to help Chargemaster/Polar continue building its own UK charging infrastructure for when I, and others, might need it…

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    Totally Agree 30p is still expensive compared to Polaris
    You are supposed to encourage people to get electric cars not scare them off
    So if you charge 20KW you are looking at £6 compared Polaris @ £2.16 come on play the game .

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    Ecotricity is pay as you go. I think this change, and the planned change to allow contactless payment, is a good move.

    It compares well with the Polar charge for pay as you go of £7:20. (The cheaper polar rates are only available if you subscribe at over £90 a year). And new Polar Ultrachargers are only available if you subscibe.

    I think the Splash and Dash that this allows is often what ev drivers need.

    With 200 mile plus range cars set to become the norm, our little island will be covered by home charging for most journeys. The rapid chargers have to be paid for by someone – the ones on the motorway don’t qualify for grants. And 30p a kwh seems reasonable to me.

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    A little investigation shows that Ecotricity are getting more and more expensive with every one of their price initiatives.

    When they first started charging it was £6 for 30 minutes which meant you could get 25kw for £6 – a per kw price of 24p.

    Then they went to £3 connection plus 17p for up to 45 minutes (37kw) – a more expensive per kw price of 25p.

    Now they have broken all records with a price of 30p per kw.

    This plays into the hands of Polar Plus because if you use just 45kw per month then the total cost, including subscription, is just £12.72. This compares favourably against Ecotricitys charge of £13.50.

    But the big gain comes if you use more than 45kw per month. For instance just 15kw per week costs £13.94 with Polar and a huge £18 with Ecotricity.

    And if you charge your 100 AH Tesla just once it will cost you £18.66 with Polar and £30 with Ecotricity!!!

    Certainly I agree the Ecotricity half price for home users deal is better, but when I did a home energy comparison Ecotricity was over £300 more expensive than my current supplier.

    What worries me more is that with no high connection charge or subscription then non rapid charge PHEV users will freely monopolise the motorway chargers whilst taking on 3 kw per hour. This has already happened to me.

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    Ecotricity didn’t have competition and had monopolised the Highway Service stations. Bring it on Shell. Unreliable Ecotricity rapid chargers.

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      My car is a Renault Zoe, and maximum charge rate is 22kW
      The introduction, in January 2018, of a 30 pence per kWh flat rate with no connection fee will be better for me because I will get 16kWh for £4.80, in the 45 min period.
      It also means I can put a shorter charge in to get me a few more miles without being penalised.
      If 30 miles from home and needing a charge, I can buy 10kWh for £3 and I will take up less time on the pump, making it available for other customers sooner.
      It also brings them in line with Shell / Smoov where the price is currently 25 pence per kWh and will bring in competition to encourage Shell not to increase their price to 50 pence, as they say they plan to do.
      I am in favour of any provider who provides a service without requiring a membership fee.

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    The pay as you go element is key with Ecotricity. There are many charging networks, and new ones like Instavolt and Shell emerging. The subscription model of Polar does not work for me because there is every chance that the rapid closest to my location will be on another network. And the £8 a month plus 9p kwh for Polar not given for them pays for the rapid charges I need and would suggest many others. Plus the Polar ones are often at tricky to find hotels. Or in industrial estates like the one at Hereford.

    I don’t think we will find hybrids returning to the Ecotricity rapids. I think 30p kwh is just enough to put them off. We will see. But if they do, Ecotriciy will at least have the revenue from them to add more rapids as needed.

    Rapids need to be pay as you go. And contactless. Like perol and diesel. This is starting to happen now. And spells the end for the early experiment of the Polar subscription aimed at leveraging a revenue stream for their share holders from tax payer funded assets.

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    I think Micky’s post above needs a little more investigation. He talks about the cost of an Ecotricity charge of 25kwh – yet currently most cars have a smaller capacity than that – 24 kwh in my Leaf of which not all usable. And at a rapid I typically charge to no more than 80℅ so less than that even.

    But the important point now the connection charge is going is people won’t be penalised for charging just what they need. I have often charged just enough to get me home – 10 minutes giving 30℅ which will now cost about £2. Cheaper than petrol. And allowing the charger to be freed up.

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    I would like to know who still uses the Ecotricity fast chargers?
    I use to be a frequent user when they were free.
    When a connection fee and kwH fee was introduced I stopped using them.

    Now days when I pull into a Motorway service station, the fast chargers are ALWAYS free.
    I havent seen a car hooked up to one for quite sometime.

    As a user of the POLAR network, this company has set up many fast chargers close to motorways in my area i.e. M25/M4/M5/M40/A1M – I know I am in the south of the country.
    There is a monthly sub to pay and it is just 9p per kwH, so this is far cheaper than using the Ecotricity network for me as I scoot up and down the Motorway.

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      Hi Paul, yes I still use Ecotricity as I posted in early December. Ecotricity has monopoly at motorway services, sadly. Abolition of connection fee is a plus for me as I can only charge at 22kW max so 45 minutes only gives about 16kWh.
      I had a free trial of Polar when I bought my car but my experience put me off. Too many posts not working and help line not very clued-up. If things have improved then I might just be able to justify their subscription but I would much prefer nil subscription and pay for the electricity. I reckon 20-25 pence would be about right for me. It costs me 13.2 pence at home which is where I do most of my charging. If polar were available at motorway services then I would come back to polar.
      What would really swing it for me would be simple payment without need to pay subs, have a smartphone or dozens of rfid cards.
      Contactless payment using a bank card would seem to be the way to win customers.

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