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    Ecotricity’s new pricing structure will come into effect on Monday, with this weekend representing the last few days of the current £6 per 30 min char
    [See the full post at: Ecotricity pricing structure changes next week]

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    I’m amazed at the lack of comments to Ecotricitys large price rise!

    It seems that money is not a problem to EV drivers and people are happy to pay “a pound or so extra” to use your words.

    Petrol drivers move garages to get a 1p discount on a litre, but EV drivers seem to be happy to pay an increase of 17% without any problem.

    Incidentally there are other cars apart from Leafs. My i3 94 does not slow its charging after 80% and everyone of my last 30 Ecotricity 30 minutes sessions has been over 21kw.

    So us BMW drivers are losing out big time with Ecotricitys new price hike.

    My main concern is that Ecotricity have not addressed the problem of people hogging the pump after charging has finished, and with the increase of time to 45 minutes this is only going to get worse.

    Ecotricity should have followed Chargepoint Genies lead and put in a big penalty charge for overstaying time. This money would also increase their profits – a win win for Ecotricity and customer alike.

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    Glad to be able to log in again – couldn’t when I tried to comment on this last week.

    Positives in this change for me are that you can now pay just for the units of electricity you use once you have paid for the £3 connection charge – Ecotricity customers don’t have to pay for a connection charge.

    It is pay as you go so you just pay for what you need, when you need it. No subscription monthly fee to pay – this is the way to go with many different charging providers and more new ones from America and elsewhere entering the market.

    Bigger battery cars entering the market – so the 45 min window a good idea.

    I would prefer to see them letting us pay by debit card with no need for an app – this has to be the future answer for all charging networks.

    And now they are charging a reasonable amount for the electricity and infrastructure (20 grand and no grants for motorway chargers) – Ecotricity need to do better at repair. The single rapid at Oswestry has been out since the may bank holiday now.

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    The best way to stop the hogging or ICEing of bays is to place them on the opposite side of the car park to the shops.

    I am not happy about the price increase but as previously stated, does allow a bit more flexibility.

    The biggest problem I have with Ecotricity is that many of their sites do not support CCS.

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