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    Registrations of plug-in cars have reached a record market share for December 2017, with electric vehicles accounting for 2.9% of all cars registered
    [See the full post at: Electric cars take record market share in December]

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    I for one am so tired of hearing about PHEVs, they are petrol cars with tiny batteries attached, not EVs. This is a misleading headline, the correct headline should be “sale of EVs have declined by 17%” or “plug-in hybrid cars market share increased”. Who cares about an increase in tax and BIK avoiding PHEV drivers?

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      It’s pretty worrying. That 17% drop is not what you’d expect to see with longer range EVs becoming more available. The long range Zoe has been out for ages now.

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    A Dinnes is absolutely correct.

    Electric cars, in the general public and media’s mind, does not mean pure EV cars but tax avoiding PHEVs, and this article does nothing to stop this problem.

    I for one am very worried about the huge sales of “plug in” cars, it just means that the few chargers we EV drivers NEED are going to be constantly blocked with tiny battery cars charging at 3KWH.

    In particular the Motorway Monopoly of Ecotricity, whose pumps can now be accessed by all phevs at NO connection charge penalty. This means Mercs/Bemas etc can plug in to the rapid AC connector and stay there for ages taking on a couple of kw at a total cost of 60p. It will make them feel good but will STOP genuine EV drivers from getting home.

    Even Polar with their new company car Polar Plus role out are giving a charter to company cars to freely use their Ultrachargers for tiny amounts, and to be used as free car parking places, that they will think they are entitled to because their car is a plug in.

    The only chargers we will happily be able to use will be Instavolt, whose DC only policy is well thought out, and shows they are more in touch with the real world than Ecotricity or Polar.

    With the BIG reduction in pure EV sales why should Ecotricity, Polar or anyone else put more rapid chargers out there? If you follow the figures they should install many more 7kw chargers for the PHEV users.

    Tesla is right to have its own charging network.

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      But surely that is already a problem since they introduced the system where you pay for the energy rather than the purely time based system.

      I know the connection fee put off some people but I don’t think it’ll make too much difference. I hope not anyway. There is definitely a possibility that PHEVs could overwhelm the rapid charge network. But I have no idea what an effective solution would be.

      Whatever the case, we as EV drivers clearly need to be given priority and you can’t leave it up to people to sort out the etiquette. Because it’s complicated and many people don’t do the right thing. Someone needs to step in and make sure everything works smoothly.

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