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    Ecotricity is set to expand its Electric Highway network beyond its usual motorway home with the announcement of 30 new charge points set to be instal
    [See the full post at: Electric Highway expands to London forecourts]

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    Personally I would prefer they just continue to focus on expanding the motorway charging network, which is where we actually need rapid chargers, unlike in London.

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    I wish they would also expand along A roads as well. Currently no charging point between M5 to Swansea Via M50 A40 and A465.

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    Interesting that Motor Fuel Group are not putting all their eggs in the Chargepoint Genie basket.

    Perhaps but unlikely that this competition will result in reduced prices from the two most expensive charge point providers.

    More importantly Ecotricity should upgrade their existing points, it is unbelievable that over a third of Ecotricitys locations do NOT have even one CCS charger.

    As a BMW driver this means I cannot use any of these 60 locations, and as the CCS connector is the new European standard this is very shortsighted.

    But I guess Ecotricity are being paid by MFG to instal the charges so MFG garages can make money from EV cash cows.

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    The South East Once AGAIN! there is naffall in Wales apart from the A55 and M4 try to go north south through Wales and you stuffed! there are some destination 7kWh charge points, mostly hotels B&Bs etc for customers only, or restricted times. It’s like we don’t exist.

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