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    I am a recent owner renult zoe it an ambishion to drive it up too sleaford. In lincolshire, to se my daulther but I am finding it difficult to plan a route where to find the charge pionts for the juiony thire and back I live near maidstone in Kent,some help with this would be much appreciated ..

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    With spelling like that, jeeeeeez! I’m not surprised!

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      Hi ‘Smiffy’ or ‘@nfjeff’ as your profile says.
      Thank you for your comment about my spelling. Unfortunatley as an older gentleman who was evacuated during the war, as a child I was only allocated 1 and a half day’s education a week – hence my spelling is not perfect. I do not however let my age limit my independance, and was very excited to purchase my Renault ZE at the start of 2015 with which to begin with I was not completley confident.
      I wrote on this thread back in May, looking for some assistance with the car however since then I have singlehandedly organised multiple trips to visit friends and family across the South of England and also up to Lincolnshire to visit my daughter, all the time learning more and more about how to plan and manage the running of my fully electric car. In July I drove my daughter up to Coniston in the Lake District – from Kent – a journey which normally takes around 6 hours. It took slightly more than that for us but we did manage it – not bad for a great grandad of 84 years old. On Sunday I take part in my first advanced driving session in my Z.E. I am very excited to progress my driving, even at my age.

      All I was looking for in May was some assistance in using the ZapMap. Obviously you are also interested in electric cars – I wondered how far you had travelled in yours and if I could offer any advice to yourself?

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    Can anybody point me to a source of actual range achieved by customers versus the claimed manufacturer’s range?

    I’m aware of some ‘PlugInAmerica’ data which lists what actual customers get day-to-day, but I’m interested in rather more ‘affordable’ cars.

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    Hi Tim

    You could take a look at our sister site Next Green Car. There is a listing of all electric cars available to buy it lists the official EV range on the search page, then if you go into the model page there is a figure for “Real range”.

    This is a calculated figure but we are hoping to extend with real user data in 2016.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks Melanie. I can see you’re using 80% which seems a fair figure based on what I’ve seen at Plug-in America on the Tesla (that works out to be 84% on average, but with a range of 75 to 92% – comparing US user data with NEDC certification data). However, from my research I think the Tesla has a good ratio from certification values to real world values. I’m less convinced on the lower range models (like eGolf for example). But it seems impossible to get good quality data for what seems to be a crucial factor in the purchase decision.

      Thanks again. Great websites.

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    Zap Zap

    Wishing you all a merry christmas and a happy green zero emission new year. Nissan Leaf owner

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    Hi everyone.
    I’ve been looking at getting an electric vehicle and I think I have made up my mind on the Nissan Leaf.
    The only question I have is what spec I should go for, and where would be the cheapest place to get one.
    I have been looking online and found the following quote, but it seems too good to be true.
    Has anyone purchased one from these guys?
    They are relatively close to where I live, and I don’t mind going the extra distance for a good deal.
    Many thanks.

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