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    Rolec EV has added hundreds of charge points to its EV Charge Online network, as businesses are drawn by the clear-to-understand pricing system for EV
    [See the full post at: EV Charge Online network expands quickly]

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    Sounds like good news, but where exactly are these hundreds of charge points that have this facility? I can’t see them in Zap Map (or any other public charging map)

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    I just registered at$
    Which wasn’t easy to find – no App to be had that I can find either
    (insecure says Firefox)
    But still no list of chargers – Site asks for “Enter a Charging Point ID:” – presumably if you find one at random.


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    So how come none of these points appear to exist on Zap-Map?

    There doesn’t appear to be an option to filter by the EV Charge Online network, but there is a filter option under payment for “PAYG using“. Unfortunately selecting that option makes every point on the map disappear, so either the map is sadly lacking or the network is.

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    So if Rolec have a “clear-to-understand” pricing system why are no prices given in the article, or in fact published anywhere?

    Having to pre register an app and pay via it is a commitment, very much contary to the statement in the article.

    This story is just more PR bulls*it.

    Come on Rolec, if you are a series player -Show us the pricing PLUS show us a list of your “hundreds” of charge points PLUS show us where we can get your App.

    Or is that asking too much?

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    Just registered at the website to see what it was all about and as others have said you can’t search for a charge point or see them on a map you can only pay for one when you are already at it. Presumably it’s useful if you happen to stumble across one of their chargers at random but other than that it’s a complete waste of time.

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    A week has now gone by without any reply from Rolecs MD!

    Come on Kieron put your money where your mouth is, and give us a reply.

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    Their website ( seems to be down atm

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    Rolec website uses the word NEW just enough times to explain the issues you are all having.

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