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    Two electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts have completed the epic journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End and back again – for free – in an all-electric
    [See the full post at: EV enthusiasts travel from John O’Groats to Land’s End in Nissan LEAF EV]

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    Well done guys – but we have a serious problem developing in the Midlands. I love my Leaf. I live just off the A5 in Shropshire, which is on the Rapid Charge Network. We have a local rapid, which I don’t need; then a nice set at M54 Telford services, which is great. But then get into the busiest area of the Midlands – M6 to M42/M40 and M5 and the whole system is in a state of collapse. Out of IKEA, at Junction 9 M6, Frankley on M5, Hopwood on M42 only a single charger is working, at Frankley, but one direction only. It is impossible to get down the M5 to Gloucester without a charge at Frankley, but the likelihood will be that there will be a queue of EVs for that one charger. So my otherwise easy EV trip from Oswestry to Cardiff is full of risk that I shall either have to wait an hour or more for a charge, or even find that the last and crucial charger has gone down whilst I am making my journey. This situation has been going on for months now, and this week I’m getting out my old smelly polluting expensive diesel for the trip.

    OK – I could equip myself with even more cards and an extra lead and go foraging in the countryside – but I bought a means of transport, not an adventure toy. Whilst we all really appreciate Ecotricity’s enterprise in getting their adverts into motorway service areas, we must have better reliability. The VW scandal is a golden opportunity for the EV manufacturers, but they MUST get the infrastructure sorted.

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