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    GeniePoint and the Motor Fuel Group (MFG) have confirmed that the partnership’s EV charge point roll-out is continuing at pace, with 14 rapid chargers
    [See the full post at: GeniePoint forecourt network expanding rapidly]

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    I hate Genies £1 connection charge and high 30p per unit cost, BUT I love their big £10 penalty charge for people who stay more than 1 hour, and I hope they apply it stringently to stop PHEVs using them for free parking.

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    MFG refuse to take responsibility for a car wash I used marking and denting my car, so I think I’ll stick with Ecotricity, Polar and Pod Point.

    And now I have to pay for it to be repaired…. Never use automated car washes unless it’s one of those touchless ones. Especially if you have a more expensive car than a Zoe.

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