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    ChargePoint Services will expand its network with 50 new rapid chargers, after the company announced a deal with French firm EVTronic for delivery of
    [See the full post at: GeniePoint network to get 50 new rapids]

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    Good news whenever new chargers are promised. Ecotricity must be quaking in their boots with all the competition.

    The only shame is that Genie are buying French chargers! – is there no British firm with a good enough product?

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    The good news is that these have CCS connectors.

    I am fed up with Ecotricitys claim to have a charging point in every motorway services!

    For us BMW drivers that is just NOT TRUE.

    On the M5 you go all the way from Exeter Services nearly to Bristol without any of the services having a CCS connector.

    And Ecotricity say they have no plans to role out any more CCS connectors, even to existing chargers.

    No wonder, along with big price increases, they are losing all credibility.

    Companies like Genie need to break the cosy agreement between Ecotricity and Motorway services and start putting chargers where the public want and need them, then maybe true competition will lower prices.

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