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    Hyundai has launched its Kona Electric, with an official range of almost 300 miles on a single charge quoted for the compact SUV. The pure-electric mo
    [See the full post at: Hyundai launches new Kona Electric]

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    This car could be a game changer depending on delivery and price.

    Get that right and Nissan must be quaking in their boots!

    An SUV with loads of room and a big battery, whats not to love?

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    But can it tow a Trailer or Caravan or Horsebox?

    When EVs can compete at that level it will also be a game changer for many.
    I would not have to run an EV and another ICE car for towing then.

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    This is great for the future of EV’s but I think Hyundai are trying to run before they can walk, my dealer has just quoted me a 40 week delivery date for a new Ionic EV…..this is bordering on Tesla territory!

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    I agree with Alexank Now I have an electric car I only want Electric cars but I need to tow.

    as soon as I can find a 100% electric car with a 200 + mile range and able to tow around 2000 kg for under 40k I will be full electric.

    I can not afford a model x and this is the only vehicle that performs but it is not under 40k

    do not need 200 mile range whilst towing.

    looking for full specs on this and the Kia Niro electric.

    I would like 4wd but pushing it a bit for 40k

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