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    InstaVolt has agreed a deal to install its rapid charge points at a number of Cornwall Garage Group sites. The petrol station firm owns 18 forecourts
    [See the full post at: InstaVolt expands forecourt coverage]

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    These are great to have available, but at a huge 35p cost they are to be treated as emergency backups only when Polar and even Ecotricity chargers are not available.

    DC only is certainly the way to go. No more phev hogging!

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    The Nuneaton ones have been installed for weeks (before Christmas!) although they don’t show on either Zap-map, or Instavolts site. Haven’t checked if they are switched on or not, but as above will be a dire emergency only option at 35p per KWh.

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    DC pumps only is superb, and won’t affect Leaf owners as they all have a Japan only Type 1 connector, so they can’t take the emergency advantage of AC rapid connectors which use the industry standard Type 2. I am not sure whether the new Leaf has upgraded to Type 2 or is still in the dark ages?

    But why should I pay £8.75 for a 25kw charge from Instavolt when Polar is £2.70, Ecotricity is £7.50 and even Shell is only £6.25?

    And remember that at present the Government gets none of this in fuel tax, so it is all going to Instavolt. Plus petrol stations have even bigger capital costs and overheads than charge point operators.

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