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    Jaguar has launched its first pure-EV – the I-Pace – with the all-electric SUV offering a range of 298 miles (WLTP) on a single charge. Unveiled live
    [See the full post at: Jaguar launches the I Pace EV]

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    I am a bit disappointed in this car.

    Obviously I have not seen a real one, but the concept was striking inside and out. Sadly these pictures are disappointing. The outside is rounded off with a standard Jaguar grill on the front and F Pace lights at the back.

    The worst bit is the interior, considering Jag hid the dashboard from all journalists I expected Star Wars and I got a standard Range Rover Velor screen and instruments with a boring parts bin steering wheel.

    The seats don’t appear to have any shaping at all. It all looks like it was designed by a 55 year old when it should have been designed by a 25 year old.

    The sad part is that the only USP is that ICE engine noises are played through the radio speakers when driving along so that it sounds like a regular sports car to the occupants!

    No self driving, no gull wing doors, no special range, no solar roof, just nothing special.

    And all at a very expensive cost. It is not a car for the masses. The good news is that rich drivers will buy it because of Jaguars high build quality and conventional dealer network, so Tesla will definately lose sales.

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