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    Was wondering – How long can EV’s generally go once the Low Battery Warning pops up ?
    I suppose it varies with car models and the type of load. But on average how much can we expect ?
    Do you think there are enough charging points at close-by locations on the road ? Because obviously a detour merely for charging points might result in havoc !!! 😀

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    Good question
    Just been down to 5/6miles on my guessometer in Zoe
    When I plugged into 43kw charger came up showing 7%
    Last 3 days first time in ages have let go near this level
    Did a test 6 months + ago,went to 3 miles , appeared to drop quickly after 5 miles so would not recommend leaving less than ten miles
    Had one incident 2 months ago
    Usual chargers out and about either full up or inactive meant nearly 8-10 miles driving to charger
    Even then can not always trust map info an in Ireland north and south mainly controlled by esb which be helpful as same card for , at present free in Northern Ireland but still some weeks failures of infrastructure concern.

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    NISSAN LEAF 24Kwh battery, 2015 model, 10,000 miles……… – went into turtle mode at the bottom of the ramp leading off the A1 [southbound] in towards Wetherby services. At the top of the ramp at the roundabout it died……….managed to coast down to the chargers.


    Ian Sampson has driven in TM for a couple of miles. I managed 250m.

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