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    Under the new Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) EV Homecharge Scheme, British Gas has decided to withdraw its free installation offer, leaving c
    [See the full post at: Manufacturers divided after british gas revise EV home charging offers]

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    I heard that British Gas are slow to get chargers installed due to demand. (Don’t know how true this is…). I was recommended to use a local electrical contractor who came and installed an upgraded fast charger (including the govt. subsidy). They were quick and efficient and I had the charger installed before the car was delivered!

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    How much did they charge?

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    BG has charged me £90 for a fast charger – due to be installed next Tuesday; despite that I had understood from Nissan that it would be free.
    They called yesterday to say that because they had a problem with supply keeping up with demand could I put the appointment back from early in the day to mid afternoon.
    I guess it is good to see demand for electric cars growing so well; but BG and others should get on top of supply.

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