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    Rolec EV has agreed a partnership with Next, to provide the retail giant with the company’s EV charge points. The deal will see Rolec’s EV Charge Onli
    [See the full post at: Next stores to get Rolec EV charge points]

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    Have they said how many Next stores will be getting charge points? Or where those stores will be?

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    All the Next stores I can think of are either in a town centre where there is no parking, or else part of an out-of-town retail park where there are several retailers and where the car park is controlled by the retail park operator. Confused.

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    You still need a registration with Rolec in order for them to take payment, plus their app on your phone.

    The terrifying thing about this story is the sentence ” this allows the host to set their own tariff”

    This means profiteering from companies out to make a buck, different prices all over the place, constant price changes and a lack of uniformity and simplicity.

    It makes Zap Map and up to date pricing information of individual Rolec points vitally important to all us users, as Rolecs site is hopeless and does not list charging points let alone prices.

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