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    Nissan has unveiled its new LEAF to the world in a live stream from Tokyo today (Wednesday 6th September). The highly anticipated second-generation LE
    [See the full post at: Nissan launches new Leaf]

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    I like the way Nissan thinks -it’s not just about the well heeled customer asking for the BIG battery and tech toys. Those of us with more limited funds already allocated to family and house and pension can now buy a long range car at a slightly cheaper price (well longer than the 30 kWh).
    Good one Nissan

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    As an i3 driver I did not realise the old Leaf was so slow. I thought all electric cars had rapid acceleration.

    The new one is a hundred times better than the old one, which is good,

    But the side effect is that the depreciation on existing Leafs will be horrific. It does mean there will be lots of very cheap electric cars available so bargains will be available to those wanting a second electric car.

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    It is a shame that the Japanese car market is dictating that the new Leaf has to continue with the “Betamax” Chadamo and Type 1 connectors.

    This is non EU standard and I am really surprised Nissan UK are not more up to date and at least offering the option of a CCS connector. Or even both which would give them a huge sales advantage!

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    Yay to Nissan and double yay for sticking to their guns with CHAdeMO! 😀

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    I am slightly confused as I am sure my Leaf has a Type 2 connector not a Type 1.
    I can understand Nissan sticking with the CHAdeMO for rapid charging as a lot of their dealers have them fitted for their customers to use and if the new car had a different one they would have to have both available.
    i will happily test drive the new Leaf when it arrives and will interested to see how the price compares and which of the new features are available with each model.

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