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    Buyers of Jaguar’s new I-Pace and Land Rover’s PHEVs will be able to easily get a home charge point installed by Pod Point, after the EV charging comp
    [See the full post at: Pod Point signed as Jaguar Land Rover preferred charge point supplier]

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    Makes sense – since most EV suppliers can offer a package deal.

    I wonder if there is a discount for I-Pace buyers ?

    I currently think the I-pace is the front runner in looks, if not in price, so I hope that we have a more entry level British vehicle sooner than later !

    Something that will fit into the circa £20k-£30k bracket. A Jag or cut down basic Landy perhaps ?

    One can dream, and dreams can come true !

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    Its a shame that a very short sighted Jaguar only put single phase AC charging on the ipace, limiting it to 7kwh.

    All other new cars like the Audi etc also have 22w 3 phase capability, even my existing i3 can charge at 11kw on 3 phase, which is great for workplace and destination chargers that are 22w.

    A shame that pod point will not be able to sell any of their excellent 22w chargers on the back of this agreement.

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    In the U.K. there are few homes that have access to 3 phase supplies, and fewer companies that offer employee charging at all. Which is where most charging would otherwise normally be done.

    7kW is over 30 Amps and that alone is almost half the rated U.K. domestic distribution board fused supply to the entire house ! Go over this and switch on the hobs, oven, microwave and kettle and ‘pop’ ! (The U.K. domestic input fuse is generally rated at 230VAC at 60/80 Amps by the way.)

    The I-pace can charge up 50kW DC though. But, more flexible options should be a future update to consider.

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    To answer Land Rover man.

    I never mentioned 3 phase home charging, only workplace and destination chargers.

    According to Zap map there are over 2,300 22kw chargers available for public use. Also firms in my industrial estate are installing 3 phase chargers, as most industrial units, hotels, shops, offices etc etc are 3 phase.

    The shame is that Jaguar just lacked any foresight. Incidentally a large proportion of domestic houses in Germany and other EU countries have 3 phase supply as standard, meaning i-pace may lose overseas sales to Audi etc because of their omission.

    As a BMW driver I have used 22kw chargers on multiple occasions. At least they won’t be hogged by Jags.!

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