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    Hi. I’m new to this site and will, as of tomorrow, be a proud owner of a Nissan Leaf Tekna.

    However, I am reading so much about charge points and connector types I’m driving myself crazy so here’s my question..

    On this great Zap-Map site one of my local public charging sites which appears when I search by EV model describes itself as “Rating: 7KW 32A, Supply: 1-Phase AC Socket: Type 2 Mennekes”. Does this mean it has a Type 2 Mennekes connection at the car end (in which case my understanding is that I wont be able to connect to it)?

    I hope somebody can help clarify this for me.



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    Hi there, exciting news about the LEAF! We ourselves just took delivery of the very same car!

    As for making sense of the charge point information, the type 2 refers to the connector on the charge point side. Almost always, 7kW Type 2 Mennekes charge points are untethered. That is to say there is no cable attached. This means you will need a Type 1 to Type 2 cable to connect to the charging point (these usually come as standard with the car).

    The only points this does not apply to are rapid charge points and type 1 charge points as these are fitted with a tethered cable which plugs into you vehicle. This means that for the Nissan LEAF you can only use rapid points with a CHAdeMO connection.

    I hope this now makes a little more sense. Please feel free to fire away with any further queries.



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    Hi, Ed
    Thanks so much for responding and with such useful information too. I was debating with myself whether to get a separate type 1 to type 2 cable but now I think it would indeed be wise

    I don’t usually make such big decisions like buying an electric car but it’s so reassuring to have expertise like yours out there to borrow from time to time

    i hope you’re enjoying reading the Leaf manuals as much as I am 🙂

    Thanks again

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