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    Cross-Europe travel for electric vehicle drivers has been made easier with the completion of the UNIT-E project, which has seen new rapid chargers ins
    [See the full post at: Rapid charging project improves continental EV travel]

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    Hi good news. But a little incomplete. Where are the chargers located ? When were they installed ? And what is the maintenance schedule ?

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    Like 99.99% of British EV drivers at present I am not really interested in European travel. I am interested in the UK getting its act together first. I appreciate that in the future this will become more relevant, but we must get our immediate priorities right first.

    As a CCS user I am sad to see the Nissan branded charger is only AC and Chad. but as the quote is from Nissan then I guess thats why.

    I was under the impression that CCS was adopted as the European standard by the EU. Am I wrong?

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    I think you will find that more than 99.99% of UK EV drivers are interested in charging abroad. According to eurotunnel alone 2.6M UK drives visit the content this is over 8% of the cars in the UK have been on the eurotunnel let alone ferries! This is great news 🙂

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    Sorry “open energy” You did not read my post, I clearly said overseas charging will be more relevant in the future.

    Also quoting a statistic based on Petrol/Diesel cars is misleading.

    EV drivers like myself who have a real world effective range of less than 80 miles are more worried about driving around Britain than visiting Italy.

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    lord paul

    Micky, I agree with your comments ref. driving in the UK.
    I still can not understand all the Rapid Charging installers / suppliers are ALWAYS leaving Norfolk and Suffolk out of their installation programs.
    Why do these NOT LIKE NORFOLK ?

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    lord paul

    ” was covering the run from Folkestone and Dover, up to London and the Home Counties via the M20, M25, and M1.”

    Must be the best kept secret???? Can not see any around the above locations on zap-map so would be good for you to let the EV drivers find them and then make use of them ASAP.

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    I live only 50 miles from the Channel Tunnel so I’m seriously interested but if I was making my way from Scotland in a Gen1 Leaf or an iOn, I’d be slower to attempt it too. 🙂

    Having said that, though, I’d assume the recently-installed charger on the M20 at the Folkestone services might be part of this. Assuming someone can make it to the M25, there are chargers at Thurrock, Dartford, on the M2 and M20 and then again at Folkestone, as well as within the Channel Tunnel terminal. So, even in my little iOn, this suddenly looks more viable. if I can do it in an iOn, most EV drivers can do it. Obviously, then I need to know things will work on the opposite side of the tunnel and that Chademo chargers are all within a 50-60 mile range of each other. Again, if they work for an iOn’s small range, they will work for anyone, although an iOn’s not the ideal car for this sort of thing, I agree.

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    lord paul

    Wraper, you said ” installed charger on the M20 at the Folkestone services might be part of this ”
    Do you mean the STOP 24? I have not seen any mention of Rapids at Folkestone.
    Do you know where it is if it is NOT the STOP24 please.

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    Can this trip across Europe be done with your credit or debit cards? Can it be done with one RIFD card? Can it be done with one app? The answer to all these questions is No.
    Can it be done with lots of hard work and signing up to various network providers using multiple systems? Yes.
    The only easy intercontinental EV travel is Tesla otherwise the fossil fuel companies have got it right with a credit / debit cards or cash. You haven’t been high jacked by a Tesla fan boy or fossil fuels apologiest but a Leaf and Zoe owner that’s frustrated by the hurdles to EV ownership. When my children learnt to drive I showed them once how to fuel an ICE. I never needed to show them how to pay for it in the UK or the rest of the world.

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    lord paul

    Not getting a lot of information or questions answered from these people.

    We are all looking forward to more charging points and information regarding an inter continental network but would also be good to see and hear what you have done so far.

    So come on please answer these questions as so far you are not giving us much encouragement about your network.

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    We did London – Prague and back this summer in our Nissan Leaf 2016 (30kWh battery).
    With a bit of planning, the journey can be a pleasant experience. It took us 2 days to Prague and 3 days back to London.

    The only issue was that the battery was overheating at times and the car did limit the motor output a bit and also the charging speed (by some 50%) few times but I was not too surprised because we were often nearing 100mph speeds in Germany (autobahns), were constantly rapid charging and we’ve experienced quite extreme temperatures (33ºC the air and some 50ºC the road tarmac).

    I made a little video (mostly dash camera) from this journey. See the link below. There’s also a log of places we had stopped for a charge in the video description to give an idea how long it roughly takes.

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