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    I believe that for instance my 4 local Chargemaster chargers in Southend (provided by Source East) have the gprs reporting system ? do you know if this is true? in another words can send back usage data to Charge master and can remotely inform them if there is a fault?

    And therefore if so the next step would be able to integrate that with you , so that your site could say show the particular charger perhaps flashing, to show ( in one colour) as currently being used and another colour as ‘out of operation’
    Theres nothing worse than being right at the end of the yellow light in petrol car and then finding the last petrol station you thought would be open late at night wasn’t!! its the same thing only more important because of the highly limited range of electrics. reliability…reliability..reliability!

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    Most of the larger networks do have live feedback data on all their points – but they all tend to use their own propriety systems.

    That said we are working with some networks to get live data feeds onto Zap-Map – it is something we very much want to do for the reasons you explain.

    It is going to take time however for us to build the links – but give us time and we will get the live data feeds on a fast as we can.

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