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    Renault has joined an ultra-rapid EV charging partnership, which will roll-out charging stations across southern Europe. The E-VIA FLEX-E joins the li
    [See the full post at: Renault expands ultra rapid charging reach]

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    Presumably this is CCS only so Renault have to show a new production EV in Geneva with CCS. The Zoe is an old car with a new battery and an old charging standard. If they don’t do something quickly then they’ll be caught by Hyundai, Kia and everyone else. They have had a dominant market position in Europe but it’s slowing down and they could easily lose that lead if they get complacent. Their early EV adoption could end up meaning very little.

    It is true that the Zoe is available much more cheaply than any other EV. Even the battery owned version is now available for cheap. It’s the ultimate low cost commuter car that can also do long trips if you have a little patience. We need cheap EVs, so no matter what they do, they need to keep a car available at around £16k.

    But for me and I imagine most current Zoe owners, it needs CCS, and it needs to give us information. I want to know the percentage when I’m driving. I want to see the range and how many KW I’m getting when I’m charging. I want the app to be much better. I want adjustable regen.

    But maybe they won’t announce a new Zoe. Maybe they’ll just come out with a Captur EV or something. The era of single EV lineups is coming to an end.

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    Once at Reading Services on Friday and again yesterday at IKEA Ecotricity Chargers were blocked by PHEVs (a BMW 330, and a Merc) using 43w rapid AC connectors to charge their pathetic batteries at 3kwh.

    Luckily The CCS connector was free both times, but I feel sorry for Zoe owners who are going to have real problems as this trend increases.

    I have been told that the charger manufacturers like Ecotricity, can fix the pump so it will not work unless a preset minimum charge occurs. Say 10kwh, this would stop PHEVs connecting and they will soon get the message that these chargers are not for them.

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