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    Renault has launched a new version of its Zoe – the Zoe R110. Offering more power over the existing model, the all-electric supermini is now available
    [See the full post at: Renault Zoe R110 launched with more powerful motor]

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    Capt Sustainable

    just needs rapid charge capability!

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    It’s good that they specifically addressed the lack of acceleration at 50mph. That’s the only time I felt I could have done with more HP on the motorway. The problem is that this is a very minor change. Everyone wants CCS. And really, the whole car is old now and is due a total redesign.

    I mentioned it previously and this hasn’t done enough to change my opinion. The good news is that because this is a small announcement before the motor show, then surely there must be some bigger EV news at Geneva. Really hope so anyway.

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    we had two Zoe’s, one got written off, the underwriter, Zurich refused to pay out for the battery as they said it needed a separate insurance policy. Renault said the car was not a write off but Zurich insisted it was scrapped. Renault finance demanded monthly payments for the battery even though they would not give me the battery back for the period of the lease. They finally gave these payments back after the Ombudsman got involved. We sent the othe Zoe back as soon as we could and will not be entertaining another EV that has a leased battery as this means two insurance policies so beware before leasing a Zoe, no matter what Renault say check it out with your insurer first.

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