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    Let us know what you think about the new site, any issues or content / tools you would like to see.

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    Could you make sure the map shows the charge points at any zoom level please, rather than having to zoom all the way in? Also without having to select any search criteria too would be useful, the search tools are great, but not always needed to get initial route ideas.

    Currently it’s very difficult to plan any 15+ mile journeys by having to keep zooming in and out all the time. ๐Ÿ™

    Otherwise, this is a great site, keep up the good work and don’t loose site of your main purpose! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bring on the iOS/Android app….. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Hi Lockton9334
      Thanks for the feedback!
      If you visit Zap-Map Live via the search navigation bar or hit “Explore Zap-Map Live” on the home page this will take you to the main UK charging point map. This shows all the charging points in the UK without having to select any search criteria.

      Charge points should be shown at all zoom levels please let us know if this continues to be a problem.

      We are working hard on our App and will hopefully have it ready for you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kind Regards

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    Electric Van Man

    Is it possible to just show the home chargers on your zap map?

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    Hi, is there not a way to search for hotels (or B&Bs etc.) which have a charge point? If I was travelling somewhere I’d like to know where I could charge overnight and I can’t find an easy way to do that anywhere.
    It might also help some people to be able to search by other location types – e.g. some people might want to know which supermarkets they could charge at while shopping.

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    Yes good point. We do have a location type flag on the database but we have not included it in the new filters – something we will look to do in next update.

    To find Hotels and B&Bs suggest you select network filter ZeroNet as nearly all these points are Hotels or B&Bs.

    Thanks Melanie

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    Hi, on Google business searches you sometimes see ‘popular times’ as a small bar graph of how busy somewhere is at different times of the day. With your app, would you be able to monitor when users were at a charging point and deduce this data. You could then show popular times against a charging point. This would be mega helpful when planning long journeys.

    With a developer hat on, I know that there are lots of reasons why this might not work very well, but I thought I’d make a suggestion since you might have enough data to stand this up.

    Just an idea and thanks for the great service you provide.

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    Hi chickenhawk,

    Yes this is a really good idea and close to one that we are working on for the next version of the Zap-Map App. Essentially we are looking to combine mobile device, car and EV charging point data to produce smart info for end users. Aiming to get next version up within next 2-3 months.

    Ben (Zap-Map)

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    Hi, and thanks for this great website which just gets better.
    As a frequent user of Zap Map Live I find that unless you have a very sharp eye, it’s not easy to spot any new charging point on the map. It would be good if these could somehow be highlighted, to make them immediately apparent to all users.
    Perhaps the location marker of any charging point which is included in your rolling 30 day statistical info. for new charging points, could be made to flash or otherwise identified as a new charging point?

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    Hi, I’m finding it very difficult to make changes to info about the domestic-charger I have added to zap-map. Clicking on my location pop-up the details, and I can click on “i” to see info – which suggests that parking charges may apply!!! This is my driveway on a housing estate – how on earth do I get to edit my own details so I can fix the info?

    Also I’d like to move the orange dot – it appears on the house opposite mine. As I “own” this dot, why can’t I reposition it accurately please?

    The first-ever person who tried to find my charger failed, and ended up posting a comment about it. Why don’t I get an email notofication that there’s something for me to deal with & improve please?

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      Hi Andy,

      Unfortunately users are unable to edit details directly and have to either leave a zap-chat message on the location or email us directly, which are then verified and acted upon by myself. This is to protect the integrity of the data we have and to ensure it isn’t maliciously corrupted which I hope you can understand.

      The idea of having email feedback to owners of independent devices is a good suggestion though!


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    Guys, I am really struggling with this. It needs to be a _lot_ easier to get changes. I can’t find an obvious way to email you to request a change – and there’s no need to publish all this stuff on here! PLEASE give us a “request an update” link on the site-popup-tabs where I found the “i” info. This site is still too hard to use. There’s no point in me replying to the guy who posted a commment! In the meantime, please do the following. Site is at SO22 4HP. Please update stuff to make it clear that:

    1) there is no parking charge or difficulty.
    2) there is no fee – but a CHARITABLE donation would be appreciated. I’ll provide a box.
    3) this is NOT commercial but residential – despite the display of available times looking commercial. I’m not expecting callers at midnight! Except if it’s an emergency, of course. How do you make this sensibly clear?
    4) Charger is inside garage so NOT visible outside. Callers MUST find the house – and SHOULD phone me first. They CANNOT access it without the house-occupant’s help.
    5) The orange dot shows up on the house exactly opposite mine. Sadly that’s where Google Maps puts it. Close, but not close enough maybe? Pan-around the houses shown, there are bungalows, and a 2-storey house with 2 reddish cars on drive. That’s me. Any way of posting that picture on my site’s popup so visitors know which door to knock on please?

    I’m trying to help people, and the one “visitor” failed to find me – so my info needs to help people like this.

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      Hi Andy,

      Apologies for the late reply, the details have all been amended for your location. I will pass on your feedback regarding the usability of the site as well.

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    We’ve just bought an i3 and a Rolec 7kW with Type 2 Mennekes lead. As we live in an area with sparse charging locations, I was wondering if it would be possible to have the charger put on your network as, perhaps, an “emergency” location? Are there any precedents? We’re close to the A303 near Wincanton.


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    I think I’m going to have the same issues as Andy ( 27612 ) : it feels like the right thing to to do to put a private charging point on the data-base, but the site needs to support such endeavours. I’m also unable to email/contact HandyAndy thro the site?

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