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    The companies behind EV charging networks GeniePoint and Source London – ChargePoint Services and BluepointLondon – have formed a partnership to devel
    [See the full post at: Source London rapid charging supported by ChargePoint Services]

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    Here we go again.

    The two most expensive companies in the industry are joining forces to rip off EV drivers even more.

    Source London already charges over 70p per KW, I suspect the new partnership will go for the £1 per kw threshold which is exactly TWICE the price of petrol.

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    These promised rapid charging points cannot come soon enough. Lets hope they are located in strategic places that does not need you to travel to them specifically.

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    Hear hear whatsnext. Source London new charging model is outrageous – its a joke given the amount of public money that has been given in grants and awards to London

    I will not be renewing my membership and will rely instead on POD Point chargers – generally free at the 7kW level

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