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    The electric car industry has had a very good year in 2016, with new models released throughout the year and increasing range and efficiency all the t
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    Andy Golesworthy

    Too many PHEV by the looks of it. I can see charge points blocked by them to get a slow charge for 30 mile range. More pressure should be put on manufactures to make EV models.

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    These range and consumption figures being quoted are pure fiction.

    The mitsubishi phev I drove struggled to achieve 12 -16 miles electric range, particularly at low motorway speeds. My friends BMW 225x gets less than 12 miles even around town.

    Plus quoting fuel consumption figures of 282.5 mpg for vehicles like the Prius is ridiculous.

    How do they get to this figure? If you always charge at home and only travel short journeys you can get infinite fuel mpg. But on petrol engine alone they get a fraction of the quoted figure.

    For instance my mitsubishi phev 4 cylinder petrol engine only averaged 20 – 25 mpg when the battery was exhausted. Obviously this figure is never quoted.

    It is the BIK which is selling all these phevs to company drivers. I expect the majority of them will never visit any charger other than at home. Especially as Ecotricity started charging.

    We need honesty on REAL ranges, both genuine EVs and Phevs, not headline figures like 282.5mpg. Some gullible purchasers of cars may actually believe these “marketing lies” and buy cars believing these fuel consumption figures to be real!

    What a disappointment they are going to get.

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