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    Through a Freedom of Information Act request to Transport for London (TfL) the RAC Foundation found that in June 2014 only 324 (36%) of the 905 electr
    [See the full post at: Two thirds of London EV charging points are not being used]

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    Pretty easy to see why. My local charge point is in a parking bay that is constantly used by the owner of a shop, so you can’t get close to it. same with all the local charge points, anyone can park there. Never going to rely on using a charge point in London, can never guarantee you can park there.

    The costs of plugging in plus the pointless slow charge capability of most of the units makes it a worthless exercise to plug in, unless you are going to be there for 3 hours or more.

    Someone with a bit common sense, rather than a target, needs to look at the locations, work out how long someone is likely to be there, and then decide which type of charging point is appropiate and make the costs reasonable. Example is if you have a local parade of small shops, likely hood is that someone is only going to be there for 30 minutes, so provide a charger that will provide 40% charge in that time. Make the costs low so that car owners will want to use it and spend money in the local shops. Its all simple stuff but this scheme is driven by targets and not common sense.

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    I must agree with Nogoohwell also given how small London is most Londoners would only need to charge at home even with an Outlanders small range. I have charged in London 3 times in 7 months as I need the charge for my return trip to Colchester. So I would think that it is visitors that need the charging the most.
    Also I would love to know what areas have the most EV’s as I have seen very few in London but it is an ideal environment for them. They should be selling like hot cakes, so what city / town or county is at the top of the league table of EV ownership.

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    Now there’s a red rag to a bull if ever there was one!

    We took our Nissan Leaf to London (from Worcester) two weeks ago, carefully checked which charge points were on-line according to SourceLondon, booked a 24 pass at the car park and found . . .

    Two non-working charge ports (i.e. all of them at that location) and two petrol vehicles parked in the spaces – OVERNIGHT!

    Picture here: (Note the red lights on the chargers.)


    On our return, we tried contacting both the car park owners and Source London, no answer from either; nothing.

    Do NOT accuse EV drivers of not using them – get them working and get those ICE vehicles out of there with £150 fines for blocking a charge point!

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