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    Almost three quarters of motorway service stations in England now have charging points, with 70 locations offering a crucial service to drivers of ele
    [See the full post at: Wide motorway charge-point coverage for EV drivers]

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    Yes i agree there is starting to be good coverage on motorways. I might have only had a Leaf since march 2016 but used it to travel from the North Norfolk Coast (Cromer) to…
    1. Warwick once
    2. Winchester three times
    3. London on many times
    4. Cambridge even more
    But… and there’s always a but… for these sort of journeys I have used many A-roads with little coverage/access to Rapid charging. Many A-roads are dual carriage way, fast, have service stations so are remarkably like motorways and they need a good rapid charge network.
    I’m sitting in a MacD on the A11 Fiveways roundabout at Barton Mills naer Mildenhall. This road desperately needs a northbound rapid charger. There is one to the South at Newmarket but going north from London to access it means an extra 10 miles on your route and there are no 24/7 facilities available.
    The ideal place would have been to put two chargers at the services at Fiveways Roundabout when it was being renovated. It’s accessible easily for north and southbound traffic. With a MacD open 24/7, a TravelLodge, Beefeater across the road. Ideal – how does one get the charge companies to at least look at htis site.
    It would open up Norfolk to EV tourists – at the moment to dicey with the lack of rapid coverage to visit Norfolk from down south.

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