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    I’ve just purchased the new Zoe Nav which is supposed to have an increased range of up to 120 miles. I test drove the previous Zoe version for a few days and was getting a range of 70-80, but this new version seems to be giving me only 60-70 fully charged. I’m told the cold weather is a factor, as is the newness of the vehicle, but I’m only getting half the published range.

    I’d be interested to hear how other Nav owners are getting on with their new vehicles.

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    I’ve had my Zoe a year now and have not got more than 90 miles out of a charge and that was in the summer. I tend to get more miles from A roads than motorways.

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    Ta. It sounds like the 120 I was told about by Renault sales was a bit of an exaggeration. Having done a bit more research, 100 seems to be more realistic but I need to wait for the summer to get the longer range.

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    My Zoe is generally carrying just myself and have had it since Jan 2015
    At no point have I seen more than 90 miles and in winter is around 60 to 64 miles despite Eco driving low heater, 89 Eco score , have done 7500 miles
    Do lots of short 6-7 mile journeys to work
    Generally charge 22kw occasional 43 kW
    Free charging at present so only used 7kw at home less than ten times in that time
    Figures for range 62 in winter,90 summer appear correct
    129 miles according to euro tests total fantasy , rolling road tests are especially for ev’s at least 50% out.
    Misleading info like this will impedance ev take up
    Please could car fuel use figures for real world be used, other figures are nonsense

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    I agree. The extra range advertised for the Nav has not materialised for me. 60 is very different from 120. They must have known that they were misleading us, and it will affect the take up of EVs.

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